Pokies from Fair Go Casino: Spin and Win in 2023

Pokies, also known as slot machines, are a staple in casinos worldwide, and their online counterparts have found a special place in the hearts of players. At their core, pokies are games of chance. When you push that button or pull the lever, it's all about luck and timing.

How Pokies Operate?

When you make a bet and initiate a spin on a pokie, the game's software activates a random number generator (RNG). It continually produces random sequences of numbers, even when the pokie is not being played. These numbers determine which symbols will appear on the reels when they stop spinning.

Pros and Cons of Online Slot Machines

Fair Go it offers various perks, including:

  • A wide variety of games.
  • High payout rates.
  • Exciting bonuses.

However, online-pokies comes with a few downsides, such as:

  • The risk of addiction.
  • Potential for financial loss.

How to Play Online Slots at Fair Go Casino

To start playing pokies is simple:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Select the pokies game you fancy.
  4. Decide on your bet.
  5. Hit "spin".

Everything is ready, now you can start playing!

Varieties of Slot Machines

At Fair Go, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the choice. We offer various types of pokies. Let's dive into the most popular ones.

3 Reel
3 Reel

Think classic, and you've got 3 Reel Pokies. Perfect for beginners or those who love a bit of nostalgia.

5 Reel
5 Reel

Got a taste for adventure? 5 Reel Pokies is your jam. They offer more paylines and exciting bonus features.

6 Reel
6 Reel

Want to take it up a notch? The 6 Reel Pokies are a unique offering that gives you more chances to win big.


Looking to win big? Progressives are the way to go. These games come with a jackpot that increases with every bet placed.

Bonus Round
Bonus Round

If you've ever dreamed of hitting the jackpot, the bonus rounds can make it happen. They get triggered randomly and offer massive rewards.

Floating Symbols
Floating Symbols

Floating symbols can make symbols disappear and appear, providing unique opportunities to win.

All Ways Pays
All Ways Pays

All ways pays pokies refers to a type of slot machine game where players have numerous ways to win, typically with multiple paylines. These games offer a higher number of winning combinations because they pay for any matching symbols in adjacent reels, not just along specific lines. It provides more opportunities for players to win with each spin. Fair Go Casino offers a selection of "All Ways Pays" pokies for players to enjoy.

Popular Online Pokies

Looking for top-notch entertainment? The highest-rated pokies at Fair Go Casino include popular titles like:

Game Name

Game Description

Bonus Description

Cash Bandits 3

An exciting online slot game featuring a cops-and-robbers theme with vaults of cash.

Bonus features include free spins and multipliers, as well as a unique Vault Feature for unlocking bigger prizes.

Achilles Deluxe

A slot game based on the Greek hero Achilles, filled with epic battles and heroic deeds.

Bonuses include free spins with multipliers and a chance to trigger a progressive jackpot.

Plentiful Treasure

An Asian-themed slot game filled with symbols of wealth like gold coins and precious artifacts.

The bonus feature includes a Gold Coin Feature, where players can win one of four different jackpots.

Diamond Fiesta

A festive-themed slot game that captures the spirit of celebration with its vibrant symbols.

Bonuses include re-spins, free games, and expanding reels, all leading to bigger wins.

Fortunate Buddha

A tranquil, Oriental-themed game filled with symbols of prosperity and good fortune.

Bonus features include a "Lotus Fortune" free spins round and a special "Buddha"s Blessing" bonus for enhanced winnings.

Bubble Bobble 2

A sequel to a popular arcade game-themed slot, featuring cute dragon characters.

Bonuses include "Bubble Spin" free games and a unique "Fruit Frenzy" feature that can multiply winnings.

Storm Lords

A game inspired by ancient Chinese warriors and their heroic battles against evil.

Bonuses include "Warrior Free Spins" and a "Treasure Coin" feature that triggers additional rewards.

4 T-Rex

A prehistoric-themed game featuring the king of dinosaurs and a lush, ancient world.

Bonuses include "Jurassic Free Spins" and a "T-Rex Terror" feature that can expand wins dramatically.

Triple Twister

A weather-themed slot game featuring a whirlwind of rewards and a fun rural setting.

The bonus feature is the "Twister Free Spins" round, with a "Triple Win" feature that can triple the players' winnings.

New Online Slots

Craving something fresh? New pokies:

Game Name

Game Description

Bonus Description

Ancient Gods

A slot game based on mythology, featuring majestic creatures and divine entities.

Bonuses include "Golden Medallions" free spins, and "Center Dragon" feature that can multiply winnings.

Asgard Deluxe

A game set in the realm of Norse gods, with rich visuals and dramatic audio.

Bonuses feature "Valhalla's Fortune" free spins with multipliers and a "Ragnarok Respin" feature for big wins.

Bubble Bubble 3

The latest sequel in a popular series, featuring witches and their magical brews.

Includes "Witch's Brew" free spins and a unique "Potion Explosion" feature offering additional rewards.

Sweet 16 Blast

A candy-themed game that satisfies your sweet tooth with luscious wins.

The bonus game features "Morph Magic" where symbols in a win morph into new symbols, creating chances for extra wins.

Run Rabbit Run

A charming game featuring a speedy rabbit and its journey through various landscapes.

Bonuses include free spins, and a unique "Carrot Collection" feature to multiply your winnings.

Penguin Palooza

An adorable, chilly-themed slot game featuring a crew of playful penguins.

Bonus features include "Penguin Slide" free spins, and a "Fish Catch" bonus game for additional prizes.

Nine Realms

A slot game based on Norse mythology with immersive graphics and sound effects.

Bonuses include "Odin"s Blessing" free spins and a "Ragnarok" bonus round with high multipliers.

7 Neon Wheel 7s

A classic slot game featuring neon fruit symbols and lucky 7s.

Bonuses include a wheel spin that can multiply your winnings, and a "Glowing 7s" feature for extra cash prizes.

Meerkat Misfits

An African-themed slot game featuring the misadventures of adorable meerkats.

Bonus features include "Desert Dash" free spins and a "Bug Buffet" bonus game for additional rewards.

Khrysos Gold

A slot game set in the age of Greek gods and overflowing with riches.

Bonuses include "Gods' Favor" free spins with multipliers, and a "Golden Temple" bonus round with big wins.

Gem Strike

A vibrant game filled with sparkling gems and explosive wins.

Bonuses include "Gem Burst" free spins and a "Crystal Cascade" feature that can multiply winnings.

Fortunate Buddha

A peaceful, Oriental-themed game filled with symbols of prosperity and luck.

Bonus features include a "Lotus Fortune" free spins round, and a "Buddha"s Blessing" bonus for bigger wins.

Dragon"s Gems

A fiery game featuring majestic dragons and precious gems.

Bonuses include "Dragon Fire" free spins with expanding wilds, and a "Gems of Power" bonus round for extra prizes.

Copy Cat Fortune

A fun, cat-themed slot game where feline fun leads to massive wins.

The bonus game is a "Feline Frenzy" free spins feature, with a "Copy Cat" bonus that can duplicate winnings.

Instant Payout Slot Games

For players who can't wait, instant payout pokies like:

  1. Aztec's Millions. A thrilling game with an Aztec theme, promising big prizes and showcasing the Aztec's rich history. Bonuses include free spins and multipliers, and a progressive jackpot feature that can lead to huge wins.
  2. Epic Holiday Party. A festive-themed slot game full of holiday cheer, filled with Christmas symbols. Bonuses include a "Snowy Slide" free spins feature and a special "Santa"s Gifts" game for extra rewards.
  3. Naughty or Nice III. A Christmas-themed game featuring Santa's two main helpers, who are a bit mischievous. Bonus features include "Naughty or Nice" free spins, and a special feature that multiplies winnings.
  4. Plentiful Treasure. An Asian-themed slot game filled with symbols of wealth like gold coins and precious artifacts. The bonus feature includes a Gold Coin Feature, where players can win one of four different jackpots.
  5. Fortunate Buddha. A tranquil, Oriental-themed game filled with symbols of prosperity and good fortune. Bonus features include a "Lotus Fortune" free spins round and a special "Buddha"s Blessing" bonus for enhanced winnings.
  6. Halloween Treasure. A game that combines the thrill of Halloween with the excitement of treasure hunting. Bonuses include a "Pumpkin Prize" free spins feature and a "Graveyard Bonus" game that reveals hidden treasures.
  7. Frog Fortunes. A rainforest-themed game featuring an adorable frog with the power to grant fortunes. The bonus game features "Frog Bomb" explosions that reveal random symbols, creating chances for extra wins.

Pokies for Real Money

If you're looking for the best pokies for real money, here are some of them:

  • Cleopatra's Gold.
  • Builder Beaver.
  • Caesar's Empire.

Highest-Paying Pokies

If you're chasing the big bucks, the highest paying pokies we have selected for you in this table:

Slot Game




Fortunate Buddha

Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Fortune Link Bonus Game, Progressive



Bubble Bubble 2

Three Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Wilds, Random Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Win-Win Feature, Scatters


Very High

Storm Lords

Treasure Coin Feature, 2 Free Bonus Games, Nudging Wilds, Scatters




Wilds, Scatters Multipliers, Free Games, Retriggers, Progressive



Triple Twister

Expanding Wilds, Expanding Wild Reels, Free Games, Scatters, Progressives


Very High


Stacked Wilds, Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Random Wild Reels, Cascading Wins, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters



Cash Bandits 3

Wilds, Scatters, Stacked Wilds, Multipliers, Free Spins, Additional Free Spins, Progressives, Vault Feature


Very High

IC Wins

Guarantee Win Respins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wilds


Low - Medium

The Mariachi 5

Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Stacked Wilds, Free Games, Additional symbols



Aztec's Millions

Bonus Game,Wild symbols,Skitter symbols, Multipliers, Free Spins, Progressives.



Spirit of the Inca

Wild symbols, Skitter symbols, Multipliers, Free Spins.



Pokies No Deposit: Spin and Win for Free

Want to play without depositing? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Enter the no-deposit bonus code.
  3. Start spinning.

It's that easy!

Unlocking Pokies Bonuses

If you're an online casino enthusiast, chances are, you're already familiar with the delightful thrill that comes with snagging a lucrative bonus. The feature of bonuses is that they offer a fantastic opportunity to boost your bankroll, extend your playing time, and increase your chances of hitting it big.

Our casino understands the allure of bonuses all too well. That's why we've put together enticing bonuses designed to make their pokies even more exciting. So, what kinds of bonuses can you expect when you step into the world of Pokies?



Great welcome bonus

This bonus not only makes your entry into Fair Go Casino feel special but it also gives your initial bankroll a significant boost, offering you more chances to play and win.

As a regular player, you can take advantage of deposit bonuses

Each time you deposit money into your account, the casino adds a certain percentage of your deposit as bonus money.

Fair Go Casino offers free spins

Imagine being able to take a spin on your favorite pokie without spending a dime. Free spins are usually offered on specific pokies, allowing you to enjoy a risk-free gaming experience.

We also offer no deposit bonuses

As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses do not require you to deposit any money. All you need to do is sign up, and ready, you have free money to play with!

Another exciting bonuses are their promotional bonuses

These bonuses are time-bound and are often linked to specific events or holidays. For example, you might find a Christmas bonus in December or a Halloween bonus in October. These seasonal treats make playing at Fair Go Casino all the more fun.

In Fair Go Casino we reward loyal players through a VIP program

As a VIP, you're eligible for exclusive bonuses, higher deposit limits, and other exciting perks.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses. Wagering requirements, maximum cashout limits, and game restrictions are common conditions that could impact your bonus start.

Pokies Bonus Codes

Pokies bonus codes at Fair Go Casino provide players with fantastic opportunities to enhance their gaming experience. These codes unlock a variety of bonuses, including free spins and extra funds, amplifying your chances of winning. By inputting the correct bonus code, you can enjoy extended gameplay and potentially boost your rewards, all within the exciting world of pokie offerings.

Pokie Paylines Explained

Pokie paylines are essential components in the world of slot games. They determine the paths along which winning combinations can occur. The number of paylines can vary, with more lines offering increased chances of winning, but they also come with higher bets. Understanding paylines is crucial for players looking to maximize their pokie experience.

Strategies for Winning

If you want some tips on how to improve your game, here are some strategies:

  • Always set a budget.
  • Play games with high RTPs.
  • Use bonuses.
  • Understand the game mechanics.
  • Always play responsibly.
  • Manage your time, and remember to have fun!

Understanding the Distinction Between Coin Value and Coin Number

In the realm of online slots at Fair Go Casino, distinguishing between coin value and coin number is paramount. Coin value represents the worth of each coin placed as a bet, while coin number denotes the quantity of coins wagered on each payline. This differentiation is crucial for players to effectively manage their bets and comprehend the stakes involved in each spin.

Effective Slot Machine Strategies for Success

Play our Pokies using the best winning strategies at Fair Go Casino. Here are some of them:

Zig-Zag Strategy

The Zig Zag strategy in Pokies is a popular technique among casino lovers. This technique primarily involves the identification of slot machines exhibiting specific reel patterns. Machines with such patterns are often close to a winning combination and, according to theory, have a better chance of winning in the next one or two spins. Such machines are colloquially termed as "hot". Another viewpoint suggests that the winning reel icon patterns usually mimic zig zag shapes. Let's delve deeper into some of these patterns:

  • Rhombus. In this configuration, matching symbols on the drum are stacked in a pattern that resembles a Rhombus.
  • V-shaped Patterns. Here, the symbols appear in a pattern similar to the letter of the Latin alphabet, 'v'.
  • Diagonal Patterns. In a diagonal pattern, the icons arrange themselves in a straight line, connecting non-adjacent corners of the gaming field.

A novice player can easily grasp and employ this technique. It doesn't involve any complicated maneuvers. The size of the bet depends entirely on your decision.

The Chaos Strategy - An Alternate Zig-Zag Technique

There's another variant of the Zig-Zag strategy. This version doesn't require rushing between slot machines but rather introduces an element of randomness in the betting strategy. The crux of this strategy is to place bets randomly, without any particular pattern, hence the term "chaotic".

Nonetheless, it's imperative to stick to a predetermined budget and not be reckless with the bet amounts. This variation of the zig-zag strategy ensures some control over the state of your bankroll. If the slot machine does not bring a prize combination for some time, it is recommended to change the machine. The success of this variant, as well as its analogues, largely depends on your luck.

Strategy of Playing on Multiple Machines

Strategy that involves two Pokies. The essence of this method is that:

  • Bets are placed on two slot machines from the same developer;
  • Each machine is spun alternately;
  • There's a theory that winnings can transition from one game to the other if they belong to the same network;
  • If one slot doesn't yield a winning combination, there's a high probability that the other slot will.

Pokies Software Providers

At Fair Go Casino, we partner with top-notch pokies software providers to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. Our games are powered by renowned companies such as Realtime Gaming (RTG). These trusted providers ensure our players enjoy high-quality graphics, exciting gameplay, and a vast selection of pokies, making Fair Go Casino a hub of entertainment and winning opportunities.

Fair Go Pokies: Legitimacy and Trustworthiness Explained

Fair Go Pokies are synonymous with legitimacy and trustworthiness. As a licensed and regulated online casino, we prioritize fairness and transparency. Our commitment to providing fair games and secure transactions is unwavering. Our casino operates under the jurisdiction of the Curaçao Gaming Commission, a recognized authority in the iGaming industry, ensuring that players can trust our platform for an authentic gaming experience.


Fair Go Casino provides a thrilling and fair gaming process with its wide variety of pokies. With numerous types of pokies, bonuses, and potential payouts, every spin holds the promise of fun and possibly, a big win! So why wait? Play a game of pokies today.


What are the most popular pokies at Fair Go Casino?

The casino boasts a collection of top-rated pokies, including:

  1. Cash Bandits 3.
  2. Achilles Deluxe.
  3. Plentiful Treasure.
How can I play slots without depositing money?

You can enjoy slots without making a deposit by utilizing no deposit bonus codes.

What are some effective tips for winning at Pokies?

To improve your chances of winning at Fair Go Pokies, consider these key tips:

  1. Manage your budget wisely.
  2. Make the most of available bonuses.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the game rules.
Is Fair Go Pokies a scam?

No, Fair Go Casino is a reputable and licensed casino, committed to providing a fair gaming experience.

What software powers the pokies at Fair Go Casino?

The pokies at Fair Go Casino are powered by Realtime Gaming (RTG) software, known for its quality and fairness.