Easy Access to Fair Go Casino in Australia

In order to get real experience with betting and unlock all the benefits of the account, you need to go through the Fair Go registration process on our website to be eligible for it. After creating your personal account and verifying your identity, you are free to set up your deposit status, place bets and claim winnings with every successful game outcome.

How to Make a New Profile Registration

The whole process of creating a new account for Australian players requires a few simple steps that are easily completed in a few minutes. To go through registration step by step, follow these steps:

  1. Open the main page and choose the "Registration" button at the top of the screen.
  2. Fill in the first field that asks for your CPF number, checking it carefully for any errors.
  3. Confirm your details and open the next set of questions, entering your full name and personal e-mail address.
  4. Create a unique login for your account and generate a secure password that will protect your personal information.
  5. Go to the last section, enter your cell phone number, and check the fields carefully before approval.
  6. Check the information provided about the Terms of Use and tick the box where you agree with all the rules stated in our policy.

With that, the first point is complete, letting you open a personal registered account and control additional options. In the account, you can also get acquainted with the specifics of depositing, learning how to top up your personal balance.

How to Complete the Fair Go Login Process

Whenever you clear your browser's cache and cookies or simply don't have the opportunity to visit our site for a while, we may ask you to log in to the system again, verifying that you are indeed present in the Fair Go register.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. When you see that there are only two buttons like during your first visit, click on the "Login" option marked in dark color.
  3. Enter the username and password you created during registration.
  4. Click the "Login" button again to confirm your request and watch as the page reloads with your account displayed at the top.

All betting history, preferred categories and deposit status should be displayed on the main screen as before, indicating your settings. We carefully preserve the information we receive in order to provide you with only important and reliable information based on your activity.

What to Do if You've Forgotten Your Password

Sometimes it can happen that you accidentally forget the password for your account on our website, especially after a longer break or a session that lasted a long time without the need to log in again. In such cases, resetting the password should help solve the problem:

  1. Select the "Forgot password?" option under the bottom field of the login pop-up window.
  2. Enter your username and contact e-mail address.
  3. Wait for the email with the password reset notification and activation link.
  4. Use the link to be redirected back to the Fair Go website.
  5. Create the new password and re-enter it in another field below.
  6. Confirm the operation with the "Change password" button, which loads the main page again.
  7. Try logging in again with the help of a new password this time.

It is also recommended to use this feature on purpose for security measures, especially as casino to deal with betting activities and real money. In addition, you should pay close attention to the complexity of the password, as it should be safe from decoding and easy to remember at the same time. If you were unable to restore access on your own, please contact our technical support for more information.

Personal Account Review

Whenever you want to check your deposit status, you can always access them via your personal profile. Simply navigate to the top bar, where your account name is written, and click on it.

Account Menu

This section includes the most essential and regularly used features, such as:

  • Profile - configures additional features such as language, preferred time zone and more;
  • Balance - allows you to track the history of the latest transactions;
  • Deposit - tops up the current balance;
  • Withdraw funds - allows you to transfer funds after reaching the minimum limit;
  • Withdrawal request history - follows the processing of ongoing transactions;
  • Logout - ends the current session on the device.

Fair Go Restrictions

By ensuring the healthy behavior of our players, the casino has provided an opportunity to set manual restrictions that you can apply to the account. For example, you can decide on the daily spending limit, regulating the deposit amount more wisely between the preferred sections. The lower or upper limit can be changed, depending on your experience and opportunities. However, for the latter option, the change requires a certain amount of time and additional approval to be applied. This way, you can keep the bet reasonable while continuing to enjoy the whole process.

How to Check the Newly Created Account

To comply with legal requirements and protect the site from irresponsible behavior, registration includes an additional verification process. To pass it safely, the punter needs to complete a few steps:

  1. Provide us with complete information including your age and country of residence;
  2. Prove the information with a reliable document scan - usually a passport is used or, for example, a driver's license that proves you are of legal age;
  3. Wait until the administration has carefully checked the information and approved the application within the next 24 hours.

For this reason, you must be extremely careful and honest, entering only truthful information about yourself, as any mistake on your part could lead to additional problems to be solved later.


What information must you provide for registration purposes?

You need to enter your personal CPF, real name, contact email and telephone number and create a unique username and password.

Is Fair Go registration enough to start betting?

In addition to the regular registration procedures, you must also undergo a check that confirms your majority and your residence in the territory of Australia.

Can you restore a Fair Go account when losing a password?

You can use the “Forgot password” function if you remember the username and email you registered with. Otherwise, contact our technical support team with the help of an email address, live chat or social networks that we officially use.