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I’m always on the lookout for a new writing tool, something to keep me organized and on target. Perhaps I’m secretly looking for a wonderful invention that will take away all the pains of actually sitting down and accomplishing the task. Of course, I learned that long ago there is no magic wand.

I’ve tried a number of programs in the past and I always end up in the same place with a software program that complicates the entire writing process and creates more work and requires me to study a long dry manual to get started.  

Enter Scrivener.....I wasn’t using this program long before I was soon singing its praises. Simply because there is no huge learning curve, you can be up and using Scrivener in a matter of minutes.

Regardless of whether you are writing your family history book, a fictional novel, a how to book, a magazine article or series of blog posts, Scrivener can organize your projects into efficient and organized binders. Scrivener is a flexible and easy-to-use tool regardless of what you’re writing. 

I love Scrivener and I became an affiliate of the product. I've also began creating a series of videos Scrivener for the Family History Writer. Each video helps you explore Scrivener getting to know Scriveners many features, all the while keeping the family historian in mind. 
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Scrivener for the Family History Writer 

Video Series

  1. An Introduction to Scrivener for the Family History Writer
  2. The Corkboard - Where you'll plan and outline your family history projects
  3. The Editor - Create the perfect writing environment
  4. Snapshots - Capture your writing before the changes 
  5. The Outliner- Plan and organize in a hierarchical format 
  6. Scrivener - Annotations
  7. Scrivener - How to Use Comments