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Getting Started

Welcome to the Armchair Genealogist


If your just starting your family history research then I suggest you begin at Beginner's Basics where I have assembled some of my best blog posts to help you get acquainted with getting started in family history research. Some of these posts will address family trees, databases and some simple steps to get you going.

Writing Your Family History

If you found us because your interested in writing your family stories then you will soon learn we are big advocates at the Armchair Genealogist for putting words to paper and turning dry documents into page turning novels. Click here to see a large assortment of posts to help get you organized and started. If you are writing a family book, novel or recording your family history into a blog drop me a line. I love to hear  how everyone is bringing their stories to life.

Irish Genealogy 

If you have some Irish in your blood, and your hitting brick walls, when it comes to your Irish history research then be sure to check out my series on Irish Genealogy. The key to Irish genealogy is learning what is available and where to find it. You'll find your answers here.

Self-Publishing For Genealogists

If you have been writing your family history and want to pursue the world of publishing, then join me in my journey through the self-publishing world. This is an ongoing series so be sure to sign up to the RSS feed or receive the latest information via email as we learn how to self-publish our family history stories.

Old-Fashioned Family Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to cook. Food and recipes are such an integral part of our family history memories, I felt it deserves some special recognition. In our Old-Fashioned Recipe Collection we have acquired recipes by some of my fellow genealogists. Recipes that have been handed down through generations, others acquired through their own family history research. You can search the recipe list here and make something special tonight for dinner.

I'm always eager to hear from my readers, whether it is just to say Hello, or ask a question or if your looking for information that perhaps I can help you with. Regardless, don't be shy. You can leave a note in comments, say Hi on Facebook, tweet me here, or for a more private message send me an email at

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