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Family History Blogging: What is Your Why?

Have you been blogging about your family history for some time? 

Are you considering starting a family history blog in 2017? 

Regardless of where you are in your blogging adventures, beginner or expert, it is always a good idea to evaluate or re-evaluate why you family history blog.

There are three kinds of bloggers, which one are you?

You’ve been thinking about starting a family history blog for some time, but you are reluctant to start. Recognizing your reasons for starting a family history blog can go a long way in determining your blogging strategy, your content and your motivation in starting a blog. Once you have your reasons, starting can be a little easier.

Same Old Same Old
You have been blogging for a long time. It’s just something you do, and you haven’t really given much thought to ‘the why’ for a while.  Things feel stale and the same, it might be time to revive your tired old blog.  A re-evaluation might be in order. Your reasons for blogging may have changed over the years. This might be a chance to give some thought to refocusing your blog. 

Out of Love
You have fallen out of love with your blog and writing a blog. Your writing is sporadic to non-existent at best. Your blog might even be delinquent. It’s time for a fresh start, to evaluate your reasons for blogging, to refresh your blog and to find your passion again.

Regardless of which category you fall into, one thing is likely, you haven’t given much thought to why you blog about your family history for some time, if ever. 

Why are you blogging? Is your reason on the list below?

·                     To make money, an income
·                     To be a published author
·                     To sell books at lectures or webinars
·                     To promote my genealogy skills to potential clients
·                     To make connections with others in the genealogical community.
·                     To put out some cousin bait and extend my family lines.

I hope these are not why you are blogging.

The above are by-products of blogging. Things that we can achieve as a result of blogging. There is nothing wrong with achieving the above, but they shouldn’t be "your why.'  Because if they are then I can guarantee you your motivation for blogging will not last nor will your readership. 

Why you blog should come from a deeper more purposeful place. 

When your 'why' is well thought out and your blog has a defined purpose, then you will more likely find your passion and in turn that passion will be passed along to your readers. That passion will sustain you through the long haul of blogging. 

For example: 

I believe understanding my ancestor's life adds meaning to my own life.
I believe my ancestor’s remarkable life, sacrifices, and story should be shared in a way that is entertaining, motivational, and educational. 
I believe genealogy can teach us about ourselves and can influence our own behaviour in life.

When our readers share our passion and beliefs they have a stronger call to read our blog, and we have a more substantial commitment to continue to blog and share. 
I can read any number of blogs in a day. It is the blogs that align with my beliefs, my passion, my understanding of genealogy, those are the blogs that I will come back to time and again.

Growth is Good
Writing is fluid, an ever-changing journey.  Our writing is evolving, and there often comes a time when we need to refocus and evaluate our purpose for blogging, address new topics, change our style and content of our blog and maybe even find a new audience. This change is called growth, and I'd be disappointed if you weren't growing as a blogger. 

Change and growth is an essential element to keeping your passion alive as well as keeping your readers interested. One of the first exercises we do in our course Family History Blog Writing is to identify our blog’s purpose and why we blog and identify our target audience. It is an important first step in developing a blog or reviving a tired old blog.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a family history blog or looking to find your passion again join us in January for our Family History Blog Writing Course. We will help you find that passion, your 'why',  elevate your blog writing skills, create interesting and compelling content, create an editorial calendar and help you develop writing habits all motivated through a passion that will sustain you for the long haul.

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There are only two ways to influence human behaviour: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. 

                                                                                            Simon Sinek 

What is your why? Feel free to share in comments.