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Scrivener for the Family Historian

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of presenting two workshops at the Ontario Genealogy Conference in Toronto.  The topic of my workshops, Scrivener. In each workshop, I spent two and half hours showing students how to make the most use of Scrivener for writing their family history stories.

Scrivener is without a doubt the No. 1 writing software on the market. Created by Literature and Latte, it started out as a tool for fiction and screenplay writers. It has since been embraced by the nonfiction writing community and University students and now family historians looking to write their family histories and life stories. 

As a result of my preparation for those workshops, I also decided to assemble a guide for so many of you who have been following Scrivener and me these last five years but were unable to attend my workshop, Scrivener for the Family Historian

In this guide, I walk family historians from creating a project through to publishing.  I highlight some of the key features that I believe benefit family historians and the kind of writing that they are doing and how to use these features to maximize Scrivener to make you a more efficient and productive family history writer.

The contents of this 70-page guide include:

  •       creating new projects and importing from Word
  •     an overview of the Scrivener interface
  •      storyboarding your family history
  •     structuring your story in the binder
  •     organizing your research
  •     customizing the editor for writing
  •     comments, notes, and annotations
  •      handling pictures
  •     footnotes, bibliographies, and reference managers
  •     using targets to stay on track
  •     revision and editing inside and outside of Scrivener
  •     compiling your story for sharing

Also, as a part of this workbook, you will receive a link to download Scrivener templates designed specifically with the family historian in mind.

In the future, further how to videos will be produced and as an owner of the Scrivener for the Family Historian, you will have free access to these videos.

If you've been wanting to learn more about Scrivener but are not up to reading the 300-page manual, let me help you get started quickly and use Scrivener to write your family histories. 

The Scrivener for the Family Historian is available at the Family History Writing Studio in downloadable PDF format or on Amazon in paperback

*(I am an affiliate of Scrivener because I love it that much.)