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New Tools for the Family History Writer

Many family historians struggle with writing their family history stories and that is partly due to not having the tools and knowledge they need to write those stories. I am dedicated to creating those tools to make life easier for family history writers. Today, I want to share with you  a variety of tools we have created over the last year to help in planning and writing those stories.

Online Classes

We are just finishing up our first course on the Family History Writing Studio, Family History Blog Writing. I’ve been very impressed with our first group of students who have been eager to improve and create stories for their family history blogs. Watch for more classes beginning in January, with sign-ups starting in November.

We now have our first webinar available. The Getting Ready to Write Webinar is the perfect accompaniment to the workbook.

The Getting Ready to Write Webinar includes

3 videos with over 2 hours of information. I walk you through the book, expanding further on the information. There are also a few bonuses.


·         A look inside my personal family history book
·         A hands-on look at my workflow using, Evernote, Citation Managers and Scrivener to create a productive and efficient workflow.


 Workbook 1, Getting Ready to Write has been doing very well. If you're not familiar with Workbook #1, it is designed to help you organize your research, you and your ancestors.  

Workbook #2 AuthenticAncestors helps you to choose an ancestor as a focus for your family history story. You’ll learn to dig deep to get to know your ancestor on a very intimate level. The more you know, the easier it becomes to write his or her story. Workbook 2 comes with the Authentic Ancestor Profile along with many other great worksheets to help you get personal with your ancestors.

Both of these workbooks are available as ebooks at The Studio, however, if you would prefer a paperback version, you can pick them up from

In Workbook three, Finding the Story, we are going to look at how to flesh out a story in your family history research. We then structure that story so that it will engage your reader and bring them along on a journey. This workbook is filled with great tools and tips to help you outline your stories, providing you with a definite plan when you sit down to write. I am very busy finishing up Workbook #3, for those of you who have pre-ordered, I appreciate your patience. Finding the Story will be arriving in late October.There will also be a webinar following in early 2016.

Family History Writing Challenge

Many of you have been asking me about The Family History Writing Challenge, will it return for its 6th year? The answer: of course it will! If you haven’t participated in the past, you can sign up here. If you have, relax you’re already to go, you’ll automatically receive our world-renown Daily Dose, filled with lessons and inspiration.

 But don’t get too comfortable, start thinking about what project you would like to tackle this year.  I’m in the planning stages now and look forward to seeing you again this year for 28 days of focused family history writing.

Free Webinar

As you can see, we’ve been busy bringing you new tools to help you write those family history stories. If you want to learn more about family history writing, join us in The Family History Writing Studio, there’s a free webinar waiting for you when you join. You can also like us on Facebook.

We've got plenty of more tools heading your way and if there is something specific you would like to see in The Family History Writing Studio, leave a comment below or email us at with your suggestions.