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MyCanvas Launches Guest Blogger Series

A few years ago, I wrote my first family history book.  It was an incredible learning experience. Creating a family history book can be a massive undertaking, a great deal of work and there can be a lot to learn along the way.  

Choosing the right software program to format and print your book can be a little overwhelming given there is so much to choose from on the market today. I used the software program MyCanvas by Alexander’s to produce my book. Even though I created my book a few years ago and there is always something new on the market, to this day I stand behind MyCanvas as one of the leading book publishing options for family historians.

Today, on their blog, I share my experience in creating my book with the MyCanvas product, a few of those important lessons I learned, and a glimpse inside my family history book. I hope you enjoy We Built More Than a Book, today on the MyCanvas blog. 

Please take a few minutes to stop by as they launch their guest blogger series. Come see inside the family history books of some of your favourite bloggers.

I hope you’ll join me today on MyCanvas, and while you're there make sure you check out some of the other educational articles on their blog. 


Dana Leeds said...

I'm currently working as a contributing author on a family book, and now I'm interested in doing a book of my own. I'm off to read the post!

Dana Leeds said...

I read over your article at MyCanvas and saw the photos. WOW!!! What a treasure! I'll definitely consider MyCanvas when I'm ready to write.

MyCanvas said...

Thank you for all your support, Lynn! We love to hear stories of how our product preserves and shares family history. Your book is beautiful, and we're so grateful for your post.