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Create a Family History Book in 85 Days or Less

Why 85 days?

Because that is the exact number of days until Christmas 2015. 

You heard me; that’s what I said.

If you start now, it’s just the right amount of time to create a lovely family history book for your family this Christmas.

There are plenty of bookmaking companies to help you; you can have your pick. However, my first recommendation for creating family history books is MyCanvas by Alexander’s. With the MyCanvas templates for creating family history books, family tree posters and calendars it’s pretty easy to create a beautiful product in time for Christmas.

I’ve recently written an article about my experience creating a family history book with MyCanvas. You can read it on the MyCanvas blog.

MyCanvas has made some significant improvements since I made my first book. Of course you are not confined to a family history book, you can create family tree posters, custom calendars, collage posters and photo books.

MyCanvas was first established in 2007 by Alexander’s partnered with Ancestry to print the MyCanvas products and continues to print them today. When Ancestry made the announcement to discontinue MyCanvas, many family historians were devastated, Alexander’s came to the rescue and acquired the service.

Recently, Alexander’s has made a couple of changes to MyCanvas. They offer a new Share Feature. You can electronically share your book with friends and family, who can then print a copy from Share at any time.

And of course, the big one that many Canadians were waiting for, they now ship to Canada!!!!
Canadians, I have been told that your family history product will arrive at your door in 5-7 days. Of course, shipping costs will depend on the size of your book and quantity that you order. To get an estimate of shipping costs place your item in the cart and proceed to checkout where enter your location. For example, I priced a family tree poster and shipping to Canada was $15.00, pretty reasonable.

Currently, you still require an account to access the MyCanvas templates for family history books, posters and calendars. If you are an customer, your account will also give you access to However, I understand that these templates will soon be available to everyone.

As I’ve stated before Alexander’s offers wonderful customer service, their customer service department is open from 8 am – 5 pm Monday –Friday, MST.

If you would like to make any suggestions or give Alexander’s any feedback on the MyCanvas product, they are happy to hear from you, in fact they are seeking your input on any new features you may be looking for to help improve your experience with them.

So go ahead, with 87 days to go, you can confidently start your Christmas shopping now and create a family history book that your family will cherish.

(I am not an affiliate of MyCanvas and have received no compensation for this post. I’m just a happy customer)

Have you created a book using MyCanvas, would love to hear about your experience in comments?