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Who Do You Think You Are? Returns Sunday

Hard not to be a family historian without knowing about the popular series, Who Do You Think You Are? Genealogy shows are finally hitting their stride, the additions of the Genealogy Roadshow and Finding Your Roots, have all contributed to genealogy becoming a mainstay in television.

However, Who Do You Think You Are? broke new ground for genealogy shows and remains ever popular. Who Do You Think You Are? allows the viewer to sit on the shoulders of these celebrities as they discover their roots. We travel with them to ancestral hometowns and archives as they come face to face with the ancestors who helped shaped their paths. We are emotionally drawn into their stories, as their family history becomes real, as they find an emotional connection to these past lives. Whether we watch in hopes to one day have the same experience for ourselves or because we understand the emotional draw of learning about the sacrifices and difficult decisions our ancestors endured, we are hooked.

The beloved TLC series, returns this Sunday, March 8th, with new celebrities facing their pasts and learning the full power of knowing their history. Executive producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky have lined up 8 new celebrities for viewers. This season includes Julie Chen, Angie Harmon, Sean Hayes, Bill Paxton, Melissa Etheridge, Josh Groban, Tony Goldwyn and America Ferrera.

Who Do You Think You Are? begins Sunday March 8th on TLC at 10pm EST, 9pm Central

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for viewers.

 Who Do You Think You Are?