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Family History Writing Challenge - Week 1 Recap

The first week of the 2015 Family History Writing Challenge is behind us and we’ve had a very busy week. However, there are still 3 solid weeks of great information still to come and it’s full steam ahead.

We have over 1000 members this year. WOW!! We’ve come a long way in 5 years from a dozen genealogists who got together to focus on writing their family history stories.

Members of The Challenge are exercising their creative brains and formatting nonfiction stories, others are using the challenge to write up their research in narrative summaries and essays, some are working on memoirs,  while others are turning to historical fiction based on their family history to get their stories out. We have a wide diverse group and everyone is welcome.

The Daily Dose this year has been focused around the components of story and how to find those components in your research and organize them to frame a story.  Members are also receiving daily tips on how to stay focused on their writing. We’re helping them find a routine, establish time and space to call their own and keeping them motivated.

Here’s are a few of the articles from this week’s Challenge, that you get when you register.
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What Kind of Family History Should I Write?

Finding Your Focus

Choosing Your Protagonist Ancestor

How to Begin Your Story

The Family History Story Map

There are some great conversations happening in the writer’s forum, many writers are sharing their stories and getting helpful feedback from their peers.

This coming week our first guest author joins us, Jennifer Holik gives us some helpful tips on writing about military ancestors.

We also have many writers who are blogging either their stories or about their writing experiences. I have listed below some of those blogs. They might be new to you and you may want to check them out and follow them along in their journey.

If you want to dip your toes in the writing waters, it’s still not too late to join. Once you’re a member you can catch up on all of last week’s articles in the member’s area. There’s no competition here, everyone works at their own pace, taking what they can from the each day’s emails based on where they are in the journey.

We loved to have you with us. You can register here.

Here’s some of our Challenge Bloggers.

Write Information
Granite in My Blood 
Belle’ Letters
Kuehn Family
An American Family
Homemade Ravioli
Jones Family Matters
Wayward Genealogy
Roots and Blooms – Franklins and Womacks
Line after Line