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Christmas Gift Guide 2014 - The Organized Genealogist

I don't know a genealogist who doesn't have a love affair with their office supplies. Keeping things organized is instrumental when researching your family history. Getting organized and staying organized can be a full time task. Here's my top 10 gifts for the organized genealogist on your shopping list or the disorganized genealogist who is in need of some help.

1. Sentry Safe Guardian Storage Box - I introduced genealogists to this fantastic product back in October, with my post Reality Check . It makes an ideal gift for your favourite genealogist. Part file box, part fire and water protection, this is the best protection on the market for your primary documents.

2. Labeller - Ok, I know this was on the Tech Toys list, but really I'm not lying when I say we all want a labeller.

3. Evernote Premium Subscription- Because Evernote is hot, hot, hot as the go to digital file system for genealogists. A premium subscription with all its bells and whistles would be a the bomb.

4. Whiteboard - Why a whiteboard? A great visual tool for mapping out family lines, thinking through analysis and brainstorming brickwalls. It also works well in storyboarding your family history stories.

5. Dry erase markers and post it notes - in lots of colours to go with that whiteboard.

6. Moleskin Journals - because pen and paper is always in vogue and when you buy an Evernote Moleskin Journal you get the Evernote Premium subscription free for 3 months.

7. Field notes - love these little notebooks to carry with you when you're out on an archival field trip or family history travels. They make a great stocking stuffer.

8. Archival sheet protectors and binders- you can never have enough of these to organize your primary documents and pictures.

9. Business cards - if your genealogist is setting up shop, give them a gift certificate for business cards, especially if their attending Rootstech in 2015.

10. Wall organizer - this is a great visual tool to organize your current research and writing projects. It just might help clear up some of the piles on the desk.

You'll find links to all these great gift ideas below. If you're a genealogist be sure to pin this post to your Christmas wish list board.