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10 Tech Gifts for Your Favourite Genealogist

Remember when you were young and sat down with the Sear’s Christmas Wish Book, and wrote your letter  to Santa Claus. I think I use to put the page numbers beside each item, so that Santa knew exactly what I wanted. With six kids in the house my Mom loved our letters to Santa, it helped her immensely when it came to shopping. Now don't get me wrong, we certainly didn't get everything that was on our list but she always chose one thing from our Dear Santa letter. It taught us that we don't always get everything we want but also when shopping for my own children I realized how important it was to make sure I was truly delivering something they wanted, needed and would put a smile on their. Giving them a little bit of that Christmas magic.

Looking to deliver a little Christmas Magic to the genealogist on your list. Here's a few my favourite things. Over the next couple of weeks we'll look at some gift ideas for the genealogist in your life, from high tech to low tech.

Today, we start with high tech. Here's a collection of items that are sure to please.  

  1. Portable chargers for smartphone recharging- No more low battery warning while out on your family history research trips. 
  2. Noise cancelling headphones - Ideal for  a family historian who travels! No more noisy airplanes. 
  3. Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner- This is not a new toy to genealogists, put it is a fantastic tool, and makes my list every single year.
  4. External Hard Drive - Genealogist's rule No. 1, back-up, back-up, back-up! Every genealogist needs one. 
  5. Evidentia 2 - Beyond buying the newest version of your genealogist's favourite software consider Evidentia 2. Evidentia takes research beyond organization, it helps analyzie and draw conclusions based on the sources in their research. Great gift for the intermediate genealogist who is ready to take their research to the next level. 
  6. Projector - A projector is great for home use but also an ideal tool for the genealogy speaker in your life. 
  7. Live Scribe PenThe infrared camera in the tip of the pen captures your handwriting, storing it on the built-­in memory. When it's paired to a tablet or smartphone, all notes are synced to the Livescribe+ mobile app. 
  8. Label Maker - Genealogists are avid organizers, with so much data and documents to manage how could they not be. That's why I guarantee  that your genealogist will go gaga over a label maker. 
  9. Microsoft Surface Pro 3- If I had my pick of tablets, this would be the one! 
  10. SD Cards - It's always good to have a few of these in your  bag. There's some great Black Friday deals on now. Great stocking stuffer for your favourite genealogist. 
        Click on any of the images below to learn more about these Christmas tech toys for the genealogist in your life. 

   Tech Toys for Genealogists