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Tools for Starting a Genealogy-Related Business

If you're interested in starting a genealogy-related business and not sure where to begin, you'll definitely want to take a look at the newest project from Thomas MacEntee. Thomas is creating a variety of guides to help you find your way through the business side of your genealogy business. Here is a recent press release from Thomas with all the details. 

Innovative solutions for genealogy-related businesses
GenBiz Solutions Guides Released
Chicago, Illinois: GenBiz Solutions Guides hit the marketplace today to meet the demands of the business owner with a genealogy-related business focus. Independent of developing genealogical research skills, today’s successful genealogy-related business owner must develop or enhance specific business skills. Each GenBiz Solutions Guide, geared towards the business side of genealogy, addresses a specific business topic. Initial guides released include:
·         Starting a Genealogy Business
·         Creating a Marketing Plan
·         Building a Business Blog
·         Building Media Relationships
·         Creating a Sales Process
Each guide is priced at $4.95. Now through September 30, 2014, use the promo code FALLSALE2014 to get 10% off on all purchases. In addition, purchase the All In Bundle – all five introductory guides – for only $19.95, a 20% savings. Visit for more information.
Filling a Need for Business Education Materials
“Genealogy-related business owners come to this industry from a variety of backgrounds and with a mix of experience. Because there are multiple aspects to running any business, as well as aspects uniquely applicable to a genealogy-related business, we saw a need to devise a way to allow each business owner to select educational materials specific to their situation,” said Thomas MacEntee, owner of High Definition Genealogy. “Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as hanging out your shingle and starting to perform research for clients. Today’s genealogy professional is faced with making decisions about business structure, what services to offer, how to attract clients and how to compete.”
Real Advice from Real Genealogy Business Owners
“Tapping into the real life experiences of current business owners, we’ve created GenBiz Solutions Guides. Guides are authored by a group of diverse professionals and each examines a relatively narrow topic. This approach allows the genealogy-related business owner to select a guide or multiple guides specific to their unique needs, for a very minimal investment.” continued MacEntee.
GenBiz Solutions Guides are delivered electronically in a digital format; they offer knowledge, practical advice and include specific tools and templates for the business owner to incorporate into their practice.
About GenBiz Solutions
GenBiz Solutions is an innovative series of guides for genealogists seeking to establish or enhance a successful genealogy-related business. GenBiz Solutions is a partnership of genealogy professionals, coordinated and led by Thomas MacEntee. To purchase GenBiz Solutions Guides or for more information, visit: