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StoryCall offers Family History Interview Services

Are you intimidated by the idea of interviewing your family members? Are you struggling to
find the time to make those family history interviews happen? Perhaps you'll want to consider a lovely new service available for family historians who would like a little assistance with interviewing their relatives and capturing their memories and stories. 

StoryCall offers the services of trained professionals to interview and record your family history interviews. StoryCall captures your relatives stories over the telephone which are in turn saved on the app for other family members to listen to and enjoy.  

When you join StoryCall, you get a designated interviewer and a private website. Your interviewer will host 30-min calls, ask questions of your family members to capture their stories and memories and record everything. The website allows you to invite family members to the interview, schedule the call, send in the questions and listen to the recordings. 
StoryCall is currently in beta, so the service is presently free. I recommend jumping on board now! They're looking for your feedback.  

We all have good intentions of interviewing our relatives, but it can be time consuming and rarely happens. We've all been faced with the passing of a family member we wished we had interviewed. StoryCall will make sure those interviews happen. 

While checking out StoryCall subscribe to their newsletter and read my recent interview with StoryCall,  5 Questions with The Armchair Genealogist on the StoryCall blog.  

(I am not affiliated with StoryCall. Just think this is a great new product deserving of your attention.)