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Reality Check: Would Your Genealogy Research Survive This?

Today is genealogy back up day, a common practice in the family history community of protecting
our data by copying it to a portable hard drive or cloud service. Have you backed up your family history today? I certainly hope so.

However, I want you to look beyond your digital files.  I don’t want the act of backing up your genealogy data to give you a false sense of security. Ask yourself, have you really done everything you can to protect your research and family history treasures?

Consider for a moment --- Do you keep your years of hard-earned family history research in a cardboard box? Where do you keep your primary documents? In a file cabinet?  Do you store your photos in plastic totes; you know the ones you haven’t gotten around to scanning yet? And where do you store that portable hard drive when you’re done backing up your computer - on your desk, exposed and vulnerable? Here's a reality check ---you stand to lose all of it, should disaster strike.

I know you never think it’s going to happen to you but it’s crazy to think it won’t. Pipes burst, basements flood, and a catastrophe can wipe out your precious family history treasures, items that have been handed down through generations, primary documents, pictures, artifacts, all sitting in cardboard boxes and plastic totes completely unprotected from a household disaster like a fire or flood, not to mention something more ominous like a hurricane or tornado. 

Take a moment to watch this video, would your genealogy survive this? 

It’s time to consider more protection for your family history. I am thrilled to introduce you to the newest tool available in protecting your genealogy from disaster - The Guardian Storage Box from Sentry Safe.

A month ago, I received a Guardian storage box from Sentry Safe to help protect my family history research and treasures. I was completely impressed with the structure, the size and the quality workmanship of this product. In fact, a few days after receiving it, I was headed on vacation and I immediately filled it with my most precious family history items. The ones I couldn’t imagine loosing in a flood or fire. 

In my Guardian storage box I included my portable back up hard drive that contains all my family history research and photos from my computers as well as my writing projects on a flash drive. I also included some cds of pictures, my mother’s christening gown, jewellery handed down from my mother-in-law, and many primary genealogy documents that can’t be replaced.  The only problem with my Guardian storage box; deciding which items took priority placement in the box.  I clearly will need more.

Water Damage Protection
The Sentry Safe Guardian storage box is no ordinary box.  It is water –resistant. If that pipe breaks damage will be kept at bay, don’t take my word for it, check out this video.

Fire Protection
It also offers reliable fire protection that will secure your family history documents for up to 20 minutes at 1200F. (Verified by a third party)

When latched securely, The Guardian will keep your valuables safe from environmental damage. You can stack them up to 3 high for convenient storage when space is limited. It will accommodate letter and legal size paper, so you can fill it with all those family history files.  The storage box is 15.8 in x 12.6in x 19.8in in size and has a capacity of 29.4 litres. It comes with an inventory label so you can easily keep track of your research from the outside of the box.  Family historians love organizational tools and this storage box will not only keep your research organized, it’s going to offer the ultimate in disaster protection.

While I may not be able to save everything should disaster strike, the Guardian storage box does give me some piece of mind. I know that those one of kind items which are irreplaceable and an integral part my family history now have the best possible chance of surviving a fire or flood in my home.

Protect Your Genealogy Business 

I know some of you have filing cabinets full of family history and some of you have genealogy businesses. Would your business go up in smoke with your client’s research if a fire broke out in your home?  Perhaps, you’ll want to consider the FileGuard. The FileGuard fits easily into any standard vertical and lateral file cabinet or any desk drawer and offers fire protection for up to ½ hour at 1550F. Water resistant design ensures that the water from sprinklers and fire hoses will not damage the contents in case of a fire.  And the littlest details like the removable tray for easy access to flash drives, DVDs, CDs, and other critical items make it convenient for everyday use in your home office.

You can purchase The Guardian and the FileGuard in the Sentry Safe online store, but they are also available at a variety of stores such as Amazon, Staples, Lowes, Costco and Home Depot. Click here to check out where you can find Sentry Safe products near you.

With the incredible protection offered by the Guardian Storage box and the FileGuard, it only makes sense that family historians will want to start replacing their fragile cardboard and plastic storage boxes.

Let's ensure were guarding our family history treasures for future generations by protecting our research and artifacts in a manner that provides them with the greatest chance of survival.

I believe that Sentry Safe products are the newest tools family historians should be reaching for when it comes to protecting their personal archives. Please help me in welcoming Sentry Safe and their incredible line up of products to the genealogy community! 

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Sentry Safe to consider their products. I was impressed and believe their products will be of great value to the genealogy community. Sentry Safe provided me with a Guardian Storage Box to examine, use and review.