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Reviving Your Tired Family History Blog

Have you fallen out of love with your family history blog? Has it been awhile since you last wrote a
blog post? Are you ready to give up and walk away?

Thousands of family history blogs are living on the Internet today, with more coming to life daily. Unfortunately, many of these blogs become abandoned by their owners not long after they start.  Generally blogs become neglected because the author is bored and has lost interest, or they set themselves up for a blogging schedule they just can’t maintain long term, and the author faces burnout.

If you have one of those blogs or find yourself losing interest in your blog then today’s post is going to help you breathe new life into your tired family history blog.

First don’t beat yourself up if you’ve lost interest and abandoned your family history blogging efforts completely. It’s still not too late to revive a delinquent family history blog. If your blog never went through periods of renewal and rejuvenation, I would be worried.

How do you revive a family history blog?  Change! You’re bored and so are your readers, change is in order!

Allow Your Content to Evolve

As writers we are constantly mastering our skill. Writing is an evolving journey, and with that evolution comes new focus and perspective, new topics and maybe even a new audience. Don’t be afraid to let your writing and content evolve. There is nothing wrong with growing and expanding and changing the content of your blog. I’m a big advocate for change and growth. Staying stagnate makes for dull content. If you’re not obsessive about a topic, then it will be hard to express any kind of passion to your readers. They soon will be just as disinterested as you.  I’m constantly reading and learning not only within the genealogy and family history field but outside it as well.  Expanding my knowledge of new areas and skills, keeps my mind stimulated and the content flowing.

 Don’t fear change, it’s the fresh air you need to keep your blog exciting and new.

Consider Relaunching Your Blog

Relaunch your family history blog with a new focus and a new look. It just may be the change required for you and your readers.  A fresh look can increase traffic/subscribers and stimulate your passion for family history blogging again.

Here are a few approaches to relaunching your family history blog.

  1. Redesign your blog but keep the content the same, sometimes you just need a little redecorating to relight the passion, change up the colours, the fonts, pictures, try a new template, a new logo.
  2. Consider altering older content/deleting least relevant material and tweaking the rest.
  3. Relaunch your family history blog with a new look and completely new content – a major overall may be in order. Sometimes after blogging for a while you need to rethink your direction. All well known long-established companies face a rebranding from time to time to keep things current and relevant in the market-place, a blog is no different.
  4. Maybe a fresh start is in order with a new domain, new website design and redirect traffic so you don’t lose readership. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current blogging platform and you feel limited, it might be time to tackle a new blogging platform that offers more options.
  5.  If your blog has gotten too big, with a lot of topics, it can get messy almost like a garden in need of some pruning. Focus your blog topics, separate the ideas into their own blogs, giving each topic a greater focus, dropping topics that are going nowhere and expanding the ones that get the most hits. This can help you build wider audience appeal.
  6. Invite other family members or fellow genealogists to blog alongside you, sharing the workload and giving your blog a fresh set of eyes and voice.  Having someone work alongside you can inspire and motivate you.

Keep in Mind

Traffic doesn’t happen overnight.  Promote on social media, list your blog in Geneabloggers and let the community know you exist.
Don’t get hung up on comments. A blog can function and thrive quite well without comments. These days many discussions about blog posts take place on Facebook. The true test is in your visitors.
Keep the content flowing on a regular schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day or even weekly. Pick a schedule you can manage and stick with it.

It’s never too late to revive an old tired family history blog, take a few minutes to examine your priorities, find a new focus and develop an action plan.

Consider taking our Family History Blogging Course, learn to brief new life into your blog writing. 

11 comments: said...

Great post !

Brittni said...

These are great tips, Lynn. I especially like your ideas about focusing a blog to a more specific set of topics. Another suggestion I would add would be to include more story-based posts, especially pertaining to the author's own family history. I think little additions like that really give genealogy blogs a personal touch and keep me interested in the content!

Andrea Kelleher said...

These are all excellent tips Lynn! I think it's also good to look at the blogs that interest you and then ask yourself why does this interest me? You may get creative ideas from other bloggers.

Lynn Palermo said...

Thanks Andrea, that a great addition to the list. Don't try to re-invent the wheel, look to other bloggers, but again it has to work for you, don't measure yourself against others but certainly use them as inspiration.

Michigan Girl said...

This is a very good post. Thank you for the ideas. I get writer's block for sure, sometimes. Am I out of ideas? Am I bored? These are questions I ask myself. Then, a couple of days go by and an idea hits me from something I've read or the research I'm doing and BINGO! A new post. It's nice to know I'm not alone with wanting to keep my blog interesting and keep me interested in my blog.
FYI. I did the make over a few months ago by changing the colors and template and it did really help to revive my interest. I still like the new look, but will change it again if I need to. However, I won't do it too often as I know readers get used to how a particular blog looks and "feels."

ScotSue said...

This could be targeted at me, as after nearly 4 years of blogging, I seem to have suddenly reached a brick wall with my ideas and have featured most of my family photographs. I need also to do more research to come up with blogging stories. Thank you for your helpful tips.

Christopher Shaw said...

Excellent tips! I have struggled with keeping my blog 'active'. Focus is key to me and setting a reasonable schedule, as you mention. Another issue i deal with is being overwhelmed with what I want to blog and I may tend to rush Keeping focus on priorities is helping.

Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynn Palermo said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by, and I hear what you're saying, time and ideas can be a challenge, either lack of ideas or too many. I see another blog post in the making.

TravelGenee said...

Just the bit of inspiration I needed.

Charles R. Livermore said...

Here's what I got after reading your post and considering how I should renew my blog: I have been writing on the same old tired topics, I have been covering topics like citing your sources, online research, using documents to confirm family stories, begin with yourself and work backward. etc. These have grown to be tired sounding. Instead of trying to attract new readers who have seen similar posts a hundred times, I think I might get more traction by appealing to a narrower niche and writing on specialized subjects rather than broad topics that are covered over and over. Thanks, Lynn, for helping me think out of the box.