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Transform Your Family History Blog into a Book

You’ve worked hard to make your blog, you've written many posts about your family history and shared your research with the world. However, not everyone who may be interested in your genealogy musings visits your blog. While many of us may believe family history blogging is the center of the universe, I hate to say it, not everyone is a blog reader. It may be time to consider turning your blog posts into a book.  Gathering your blog posts into book not only helps your stories reach an untapped audience but gives you an opportunity to share your stories as gifts, or to sell to them family members.

For this project I’m going to recommend Blurb. I’ve talked about Blurb in the past. Last week I shared with you how to make a photo book in a weekend. I made one, did you? Today we’re transforming your family history blog posts into a book.

The Beauty about Blurb

Blurb software will grab your posts from your blog and format them into a book for you. However, if you want only specific posts you have that option. You also have the ability to edit posts as well as the layout or add or subtract pictures. Therefore, if you want to fine-tune the posts for your book audience rather than your blog reading audience you have that ability.

Finding the Theme for Your Blog Book

How do you choose from all those posts. Certainly, you could assemble the posts about a particular ancestor or a specific surname or you could consider the family history writing memes you’ve participated in throughout the year as a way of identifying specific material your blog to book. For instance, maybe you’ve participated in Lisa Alzo’s meme, Fearless Females at The Accidental Genealogist or Julie Goucher’s meme The Book of Me at Anglers Rest.  Maybe, you’re participated in The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories or anyone of the Daily Blogging Prompts you can find at  I personally think the Family Recipe Friday meme and a collection of inherited recipes would make a great coffee table book.  

With Blurb, you pull your posts from your blogging platform directly in to BookSmart,their bookmaking software.  They support Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and It will automatically add the blog text, images, comments, and even links into page layouts. You can then go ahead and customize your book as little or as much as you like.
You get the same bookmaking choices that are available for all the other books Blurb makes such as the options of hardcover or paperback, bindings and choice of paper.
On demand printing makes Blurb affordable. You can have your book at your door in 7-10 days. Order copies as you need, no having to handle inventory but volume discounts are available if necessary, perhaps if you wanted to sell them at a family gathering or reunion. I would recommend taking pre-orders to avoid leftover inventory. You can also send your relatives directly to Blurb to order your book or to order as gifts for other family members and you don’t have to do a thing.
Advertising Built In!
Blurb will also connect your book to potential buyers through social media.  You can market your book via Twitter or Facebook with a ink to a digital preview of your book. You set your own price in Blurb’s online bookstore and you keep 100 percent of your profit. 
Blurb is the perfect solution to publishing your blog content offline to those non-blog readers. It provides a an opportunity to promote your work and sell your content in a professional bookstore quality book.  

Update on How to Make a Photo Book this Weekend! - I made mine ordered it on Sunday evening. As an update I received an email from Blurb this morning, 2 days later, to tell me my books are on the way. How's that for service. There is still plenty of time to make a book and have it delivered in time for Christmas. I'm working on a second one this week because the incentives are too good. 

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