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1921 Canadian Census - Fully Indexed

The 1921 Census of Canada has arrived at last. While it has been available at for
several months today marks the day it is completely indexed and searchable by name. The 1921 Census is our most recent census that is available to the public. It is an important census capturing this country's information during a time of peak immigration and following the first World War.

I'm off to start my search of numerous ancestors in this census. So far I've managed to find my great-grandfather with his family including my grandmother at the age of 12.


Who will you be looking for in the 1921 Canadian Census


Jackie Corrigan said...

Yes, it is so exciting. I found my Mom in the first census ever, at the age of 5, living in Regina. They moved around a lot, so I wasn't sure where she would be. I had already found my paternal grandparents, by browsing the images, but I see they have indexed the surnames incorrectly. Lots of fun ahead!

Judy Collins said...

I am definatly coming back here. I am tracing our ancestry at the moment. It has taken me from England to Wales back to here in Ireland and Boston. God knows where I will end up next. This is a great site.mlove it! Judy

Anonymous said...

The indexing is appalling. While I appreciate that some things are difficult to read other interpretations are just ludicrous. I have posted quite a lot of corrections to my relatives already and have seen many more that need to be made. It seems to me that haste has taken precedence over accuracy. Not up to Ancestry's usual standard.