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Discover Your Ancestors - Inside the July Issue

 The July issue of the UK digital magazine Discover YourAncestors is now available. I took some time over this long holiday weekend to read the many social history articles in this edition. I will admit to being a little bias because I have an interview in this edition. Make sure you check it out. Discover Your Ancestors is a valuable magazine if you have UK ancestors in your tree, filled with research help and social history articles that will prove enlightening.  

Here's  a summary of what’s available in the July issue and for about  $1.50 a month you can have it delivered directly to your inbox.

Thinking Outside the Pox
Every family would have been affected by smallpox. Sue Wilkes explores the history of vaccination and the marks it left in the archives

Get Your Research Back on Track
From the mid-19th century onwards the railways employed many people in a wide variety of roles – now many of their work records are going online

Far From Home
 Were your forebears among the British Home Children sent abroad? Emma Jolly explains how to trace them in both Britain and Canada

Interview- Take to Your Pen
I share some of my personal genealogy journey with readers and share some advice to help you get your family history down on paper.

The public fumes
This year London celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Tube – but early users weren’t always so keen, as this exclusive extract from a new book on its history by Stephen Halliday reveals

Lucky Dip
A large and eclectic collection of name-based data has gone online – is your ancestor in there?

Place in Focus: Dorset
Did your ancestors come from Dorset? Don’t miss this issue.

Break the Brick Walls: Marriage Certificates
Useful tips for tracking down elusive ancestors by Jenny Jones

The August issue will include articles on researching school records, history of department stores and transatlantic liners among many other informative articles. Visit Discover Your Ancestors today to subscribe.