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New Scrivener Tutorial - How to Use Comments

I've added a new Scrivener tutorial to our video library. This week, we take a look at comments and how to use them in writing your stories.

If you're new to Scrivener be sure to check out our Scrivener page and learn more about this fantastic tool for family history writers. You can find more mini-webinars in our Scrivener series on our You Tube channel.


Tessa said...

Excellent as usual! I love the idea of taking that list and working with it outside of your writing time - very helpful. Since I am so visual it helps to know I can color-code my comments. Thanks so much Lynn.

Mariann Regan said...

Lynn, this is a great way to identify comments and separate them from each other by color-coding. Then you can export them as a to-do list! Soon all writing teachers will be using this kind of software to comment on student papers. At least I hope so.

I'm used to the "track changes" tool on Microsoft Word, which gives in-text comments. That allows for editing, too. But with too many comments/edits, the resulting text is hard to read. I like this better! Thanks for showing us this, step by step.

L. Hedgecock said...

Oh yay! I got Scrivener for Mother's day. How timely! Thanks for posting this.

Laura Hedgecock