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Scrivener for the Family History Writer - Annotations

We are back with another video in our series Scrivener for the Family History Writer. Today we discuss inline annotations. A handy little tool to help you stay focused on your writing while not losing track of the added research, editing, social history and various other elements that need to be addressed but often distract us from the task of writing.


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1 comment:

Debra Newton-Carter said...

I was so glad to get the next installment today! These videos are so helpful and this one addressed an important issue I deal with quite to avoid getting side-tracked with additional research while writing.

One question...while watching videos, I usually click on Full Screen format. However, the full screen for the screenshot does not simply has a larger black background around it. Is there any way to enlarge so we can see more clearly? If not, that's alright...I just keep backing it up and watching it over again till I get it. :-)

Thanks again!