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The Family History Writing Challenge: Lessons Learned

A few days ago saw the end of The Family History Writing Challenge for this year.  Many of our challenge members expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and all that they learned through the newsletters. However, the newsletter and the tools, tips and education contained in the Daily Dose were only a very small part of their journey. The real learning came from sitting down and doing the work. While I’m thrilled to be a small part of their day, their diligence in writing every day is where the merit lies. By rising to this task they learned a great deal about themselves and their stories and how they wish to proceed.

I have often said that writing is a journey, it’s not only a journey of the shaping of a story but of your own self-discovery. Discovery of what motivates you to write, what doesn't, the writing habits and environment that you require, and identifying the skills that you need to propel you along the way. It is ever evolving.
So when a few of the challenge members sat down to write a blog post and share what they learned from The Family History Writing Challenge I felt it was important to share those posts with you.  Writer’s such as Stephen King, Annie Dillard share their writing lessons all the time why should the lessons learned from our own family history writers be any less important.

Every writer has to find their own path but having a little insight from others can certainly set you in the right direction. 

Please check out the following blogs who kindly shared their lessons learned. 

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Kitchen Sink Genealogy by Jane Neff Rollins  Family History Writing Challenge: Thankful Thursday

I’ve also learned a few things this year as I do every year. Through your emails and the recent survey I’ve heard you loud and clear. You want more and you want it on a more regular basis not just in a 28 day blitz. Please stay tuned for more family history writing tools and tips and events as the year unfolds.