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Monday Morning Mentions

Monday Morning Mentions is an opportunity to reflect on the events of the week at the Armchair Genealogist and in the blogging and book community. Over my morning cappuccino, I will take the opportunity to share with you some of my favourite blogs posts this week and give a nod to my peers.

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At the Armchair Genealogist this week, posts included the following:

Gathering Family Facts on a Timeline

Internet Genealogy – a great genealogy or internet tip that will benefit any armchair genealogist.

This week's mention: 

View the Google+ On Air Hangout by Dear Myrtle for two reasons. First  to watch and to get a handle on just how Google + On Air Hangouts work and secondly learn more about Evidentia, the topic of this particular hangout. Double benefit. Dear Myrtle is still learning and willing to share her journey so we can all benefit. 

Citing Your Sources Resources, Michele at  Ancestoring's Ask a Genealogist. Michele lists several resources to help you overcome your fear and lack of knowledge on citing resources.

And Michele hitting them out of the park this week with two more informative posts at Ancestoring's As a Genealogist with Genealogical Proof Standard- Step 1- A Reasonable Exhaustive Search and Genealogical Proof Standard- Step-2-Complete and Accurate Source Citations. 

Did you know not everything is online. Sure you did. But did you know the internet can help you find the offline stuff. Caroline at guides your way. Be sure to The Internet as a Tech Tool to Find Offline Information

Social Media for the Genealogist - this will include social media advice and learning opportunities from experts both inside and outside of the genealogy industry. 

I'll be perfectly honest I done use Linkedin to it's full potential. I really need to designated some time to getting up to snuff. I'm sure their are others like me, so this post might come in handy,  How to Complete Your Profile on Linkedin (and why it matters). Courtesy of

Writing Family History - great advice or information on writing your family history.

This week’s mention:

The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal, a podcast by Michael Hyatt. Michael shares his practices and tips. 

I told my family history writing challenge members this week they can't be afraid to "write ugly." This post by Lynette Benton at Polish and Publish re-enforces that message. Read Be Brave Enough to Write Badly.

Family History Writing Challenge.  

Below is list of blogs that posted this week on The Family History Writing Challenge. 

Beyond the Horizon by Midge Frazel 
Adventures in Family History Writing  by Deb Newton-Carter 
Deborah A. Carder Mayes  Family History by Debbie Mayes 
Branching Out Through the Years by Fran Ellsworth 
 Converging Roots by Kristen Wimbush
 Ohana Tree Family Research  by Ami Mulligan
Roots and Stuff by Mary Fox
 Rhine Girl   by BettyAnn Schmidt
 GenWestUK by Ros
Finding Family by Janet
Freud's Butcher by Edie Jarolim
Rhea/Yeakley Family History by Ann Hinds
Genealogical Musings by The History Chick
Family History Writing Service by Joy Stubbs
Sifting Through the Past by Natalie Parker
My Mother's Family History by Betty Taylor
Kitchen Sink Genealogy by Jane Neff Rollins
Genealogy on the Go by Pamela Wile 
Maybe Some One Should Write That Kassie Ritman
Hoover History by Betty Taylor 
Anglers Rest by Julie Goucher
Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories by Bill Smith

If you posted about the challenge this week or posted your stories for the challenge and you're not on the list be sure to leave me a message. I'll be updating this list every Monday throughout the challenge. 

New Genealogy Blog – we will tip our hat to a newcomer who impresses us right out of the box

This Week's Mention: 

Definitely one to book mark, Paul Milner, a professional genealogist and international lecturer with 30 years' experience is sharing his expertise in a new blog Paul Milner Genealogy. He specializes in British Isles Research. You can also get copies of his syllabus materials on this site. 

The Webinar Watch - Each week we will list upcoming webinars mostly in genealogy, but occasionally I come across one for writing or social media I think is beneficial, I'll be sure to share it here. 

This week's webinars: 

You Tube Your Family History presented by Devin Ashby hosted by Legacy Family Tree. Feb 6th. FREE. 

MetaData is Your Friend presented by with Denise Barrett Olson and Thomas MacEntee  hosted by Dear Myrtle. FREE. 

Other Great Round-ups

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Have a great genealogy week, keep researching and writing!