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Self-Publishing with Blurb

 I recently decided to take the self-publishing book company Blurb for a spin. Before Christmas I compiled some pictures together that my husband and I had taken on our trip to Paris back in May to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I thought a nice photo book would make a great keepsake of our trip and a nice surprise for my husband. So off I went and to see what Blurb could offer me. I was pleasantly impressed.

This is a very simple easy to use program. Simply download the BookSmart program. It’s an easy drag and drop interface with plenty of options to customize the book to your own personal preferences. In fact after creating this book, I’m excited to take on some other projects.

The price is certainly within your control. Naturally the bigger your book the more expensive the book becomes but it's all relative to what you want to create.

For example a small book 7 x 7 square with 20 pages starts at $11.95 up to a large square 12x12 starting at $49.95. I chose the large landscape book with Imagewrap cover. It it a beautiful gorgeous high-end coffee table book.

Blurb also offers black and white trade books. The trade books offer a 4 colour cover and are perfect for text based books. memoirs, poetry, novels and story collections. A 5x8 starts at $3.95 or 6x9 for $4.95.

Blurb can also create specialized notebooks and planners with your favourite photos.  You can also upload your Facebook and Instagram photos. Blurb will enhance the image resolution of your photos for print-ability and in a few you can create a book of your 2012 photos.

By simply uploading your pictures from your own files into the program and then dragging and dropping the pictures into the book you are well on your way to creating a book in minutes. You can add text to the pages. I kept my book simple with a few quotes.

Now my husband and I are in no way professional  photographers. Our camera was a cheap little $100.00 Nikon that is several years old. I did not make any adjustments to the pictures. Just dragged and dropped. As you can see in the pictures Blurb made them look brilliant. When my husband unwrapped the book he thought I had bought him a book about Paris from a book store. It wasn’t until he started flipping through the book that he realized they were our pictures. Thanks Blurb, the book was a success and I look forward to creating many more books with Blurb.

I now have a long list of projects for Blurb books. A special ancestor photo book, a family history book, a family heritage cookbook, baby books, family vacations, the list is endless. As well I’ll take a look at using Blurb to create a family history blog to book. I got a new camera for Christmas and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom . I'm excited about the possibilities.

Presently Blurb is offering 15% off all Blurb photo books with the promo code LOVEBOOKS.
This promotion runs until February 14th 11:59pm local time…hmm just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What a thoughtful gift that would make. Who needs chocolate. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers, volume discounts or retroactively applied to any previous orders. Simply include the code when you check out.

So if you haven’t used Blurb before I can highly recommend this company. It makes quick work of creating gorgeous books.

(I am an affiliate of Blurb and will make a small commission if you purchase through the links above. But seriously, you won't be disappointed.) 


Cynthia Shenette said...

Thank you for posting about Blurb. I haven't tried making a Blurb book yet, but your Paris book is so beautiful it makes me want to give it a go!

Lynn Palermo said...

Thanks Cynthia, seriously, it is super easy, I'm really excited about future books I'll be creating with Blurb.

Angie Rodesky said...

What a wonderful idea, thanks for posting.

Shannon Bennett said...

I have used blurb in the past and loved it. It is really just as easy as it sounds and the products are amazing!

Deb said...

Yesterday I received the book I had created on Blurb. I was bemoaning the fact (this time last year) that none of my relatives left diaries or even very much information in the public records. I would have loved to have a diary from the ancestor who gave birth to 13 children - to know what a typical day was like; or from the ancestor who had 3 sisters arrested and two of those hanged for being witches in Salem; or from the ancestor who lost a Revolutionary War era husband to a grizzly sawmill accident who then remarried and moved from New England to the woods of Kentucky. So I decided that I would make a book throughout the year (2012). This would not be a diary telling my innermost thoughts, but a book of photos throughout those months showing what a typical day was like for me. My house, my work, my washing machine, the stores I visit, my daughter's wedding, visits with the grandkids, my genealogy meetings.... Wouldn't you have loved to have that from an ancestor? Might seem mundane to some. I bought a copy for each of my children and one for me. Maybe the grandkids will appreciate it!

Lynn Palermo said...

Deb what a fantastic idea, I may just borrow that idea!

Ann Hinds said...

Deb, that is genius. What a wonderful legacy to leave for your children. We all have facts but the real texture of life is missing. I went out yesterday and started a book for my son. He lost all his son's pictures but I have every picture I have ever taken. We adopted our grandson so we have 12 years of pictures. The book will covers his birth to his 12th birthday this month. I am up to 26 pages, most of them multiple pictures per page. I like the photo layout choices and am having a really good time going down memory lane. Lynn, thanks for reminding me about Blurb.

Elizabeth Saunders said...

Deb, That's a great idea, I'm glad you did it! I made a little scrapbook of daily life in 1999. Without it, I'd never have taken pictures of my coworkers, Bible study class, CE teacher, etc. We just don't think to get their pictures.
I've used Creative Memories for all my books, including a Wall-family history, but I ordered a Blurb book that somebody else had made and we were very pleased with it.

Mariann Regan said...

I'm learning about Blurb's services for the first time. These books are beautiful. I'm tempted to make some from the photos I'm scanning of our family and especially our son's and daughter's childhoods. Why not? Put them front and center where people can enjoy them now, instead of saving them in a box or on a digital file. Oh, and then there are my daughter's hundreds of wedding pictures . . . oh, dear . . . Thanks for this post.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I used Blurb early last year to make books from my blog posts (hedging my bets on digital vs hard copy). My personal reminisences from the 52 weeks series went in one, and my family history stories into the other. I'm hoping they'll be traesured keepsakes well into the future. I've used Snapfish for photo books bit will now look at Blurb for a comparison. Thanks for the tip re discounts.