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Scrivener For The Family History Writer - The Editor

In our newest video we take a closer look at the editor. Learn how to make the editor adapt to your writing style and your family history writing projects.

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Ellen Taylor said...

Thanks, Lynn. I missed at least one of your programs, and would like to see them again. Is it possible? I think I told you that I am using Scrivner for my Civil War letters, and their story. Scrivner is fantastic for that. I am researching some of the other people mentioned in the letters, and am finding this a great way to store their information. Thanks again!
Ellen Taylor

Lynn Palermo said...

Ellen click on the links above this video to find the other two. You can also subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Ellen Taylor said...

Thanks! At my age it takes more than one viewing to get it. :-)

Stephanie @ said...

I love the full screen view! I didn't think that I would when you popped it up, but once again you took all of it step by step to show how advantageous it could be. Great video, Lynn!