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A Writing Tool that Adapts to Every Kind of Genealogist

Rarely do I sing the praises of a program as loudly as I sing for the writing software program Scrivener. I have written about Scrivener in the past, Can A Writing Tool Really Help Your Story-This One Can!  where I praised its virtues. But I felt it was time to really introduce you to Scrivener up close and personal. And to demonstrate how you can use Scrivener in writing any one of a number of genealogy writing projects.

I believe Scrivener is the ideal writing tool for genealogists, no matter your style of writing or the format of your writing project. Here's a few reasons why!

  • If  you're blogging your family history and plan on turning it into a book, Scrivener can help you plan and execute your blog to book project.
  • If you're writing a family narrative for a small family book in a simple PDF document or writing a  family history memoir to sell across all the ebook formats Scrivener is your tool.
  • If you're a genealogist looking to publish a non-fiction book Scrivener will handle that for you.
  • If you write magazine articles, or write for genealogy societies, Scrivener will most definitely be the ideal tool for you. If you write newsletter whether they are family newsletter or blog newsletter Scrivener is your tool. 

Not all writers write the same, Scrivener understands this concept. Each of our creative processes are different and we love to create various writing environments. Scrivener gets that.

You the writer don't adapt to Scrivener, Scrivener adapts to you. (Tweet this!)

You create the writing environment and the writing format that meets your specific needs. This is the heart of Scrivener.

So if your intrigued or even in disbelief, let me demonstrate the beauty of this program. Watch the 15 minute mini-webinar below and get acquainted with how Scrivener can meet the needs of the family history writer.

If you would love to give Scrivener a try then please  Download Scrivener Now.(affiliate link) A free trial is available.

Watch for future videos in this series Scrivener for the Family History Writer. We will take apart Scrivener piece by piece and show you how to make the most of this project management writing tool for your family history needs.