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Irish Lives Remembered in a New Digital Magazine

It’s summer time, and like most I took advantage of the great Canadian outdoors to enjoy a little R and R in the Canadian Muskoka.  I got caught up on some reading during this downtime. One of my reads included the new digital magazine Irish Lives Remembered. Thought I would ease myself back into blogging this week with a little review of this newest digital magazine.

You may or may not be aware that I have a little Irish in me. My 3rd great grandmother Helan Phelan and 3rd great grandfather James Stapleton were Irish descent and arrived in Canada around 1830. Of course, because they arrived very early on it has been a constant thorn in my side trying to find the documents to prove this lineage as well as uncover their stories.

I don’t profess to be an expert in Irish research but I think by now I have a fairly good grasp of the challenges I face when it comes to my Irish ancestors. I also know that most brick walls are torn down through education so I am fearless when it comes to taking in as much information as possible. Therefore, I am always eager to investigate a new educational source where it relates to Irish research, always with the hope it will lead me one step closer to uncovering my ancestor’s stories.

Not too often does something come along that is Irish history related and gets me excited. However, this summer I have been loving the new digital magazine Irish Lives Remembered. Has it solved my Irish family history brickwalls….well no, not yet but it certainly has offered me some great insight in repositories and Irish history. With 2 issues under their belt, June and July, I can tell you how excited I am anticipating the August issue.

July’s issue was a treat for me because it highlighted Kilkenny, the county of my ancestors. I’ve bookmarked many wonderful resources for when I get my opportunity to visit Ireland. July’s issued also offered a great article about The Poor Law Union Workhouses by Genealogist K. Flynn. I also enjoyed the article, The Castles of Kilkenny by Dr. Tyrone Bowes. There are some informative articles such as Getting Started by Kevin McCormack and A Guide to Griffiths Evaluation by the Irish Ancestry Research Centre. This magazine is great balance of informative articles and family history stories, read Irish Convicts in Australia - Nicholas Delaney Irish Convict and Rebel or the story of Tom Crean, Antarctic Explorer.

Not only is this magazine informative, it is beautiful. Kind of one of those magazines you wish was in print because it would look beautiful on your coffee table. But I’m doing away with print magazines so I will enjoy mine on my computer (without killing a tree).

Did I mention that it was FREE! How often does a beautiful magazine full of informative and entertaining articles and stories come across your desk and it’s free. Even if you don’t have any Irish ancestors lurking in the shadows it’s a beautiful read for the stories, if you plan on visiting Ireland, or if you have any interest in Irish history.

You can sign up at their website Irish Lives Remembered and have it delivered to your inbox monthly.  Beyond the magazine, Irish Lives Remembered is an online genealogy community to help you locate your Irish ancestors. They are based out of Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. They offer online forums and research assistance.

If you have any Irish in your family tree, this website and magazine are definitely worthy of your time and attention.

Just starting your journey into Irish family history? Check out my series of articles of Irish Genealogy for Beginners. 


NooceanInKansas said...

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this post! I didn't even know this magazine existed. My husband has roots in Kilkenny so I am definitely going to check out this issue. Thanks again!

Lynn Palermo said...

Glad I could help, Enjoy!

Cathy said...

I've learned something from this magazine. Thanks for the share. Family trees, this really helped me trace my heritage. You can try it too.

Family trees,

Terri O'Connell said...

I agree I absolutely love this mag and it is gorgeous! From the first edition I was hooked. Though I am a bit biased since I wrote an article for the first edition.

Jackie Corrigan said...

Interesting that you mention the Phelan family. Your Helen/Ellen had a brother Dennis who married Mary Ann Kieley. They had several children, among them Susan and Bridget who married John and Patrick Corrigan. All 3 couples moved from Ontario to Holyrood, Kansas. John and Patrick are brothers of my husband's grandfather, Michael Charles Corrigan who moved to Manitoba. At least 2 other siblings also moved to Kansas: Bridget Corrigan who married Luke Kehoe and Catherine Corrigan who married Roger Cain. I find it so interesting to see these migrations.

Lynn Palermo said...

Hi Jackie, we will have share notes, I am very eager to learn more about the Phelans who moved to Kansas. Feel free to email me directly.