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Tuesday’s Tip – Technology for Genealogy

Today’s tip is for those of us who wish to stay ahead of the learning curve when it comes to the apps, software, tablets, computers and gadgets that can serve us well in our genealogy research and writing.

We all know if can be a full-time job just keeping up on the newest of technology, let alone wondering how it can be applied to genealogy research and writing. There is a new Facebook group started by Susan Peterson called Technology for Genealogy. This group is aimed at genealogists eager to share and learn about technology and how it can relate to our industry. This Facebook page can assist you in 3 very major ways….

1. Follow the discussions
Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert  learn about what other genealogists are using and how you can apply them to your own genealogy research. The nice thing about this group is you’ll learn from those who are already using the tools. Learn how they are applying it to their genealogy research and writing before spending one dime.

2. Add Your Knowledge and Expertise
Perhaps your ahead of the learning curve on any given app or gadget. You can add many of your own insights to the conversation and help the rest of us out. Share your knowledge and expertise.

3. Ask a question, Get an answer
Need a specific question answered? Not sure a gadget is right for you? Afraid to spend the money? Ask for some feedback, this group is filled with knowledgeable professionals eager to share their hands on advice.

Click the link Technology for Genealogy and join the group. Join the hundreds of genealogists and family historians who are already sharing.  All levels of experience in both genealogy and technology are welcome.


Susan Petersen said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about the Technology for genealogy Facebook group. We had a lot of people join the group today as a result of this blog post.

Anonymous said...

This comment goes for every one of your posts .... great photos. Crisp and clear, always pertinent. Little things do help.

Lynn Palermo said...

Thanks Susan, glad I could help it really is becoming a great resource.
@anonymous, thank you!

Zangari Genealogy said...

Thanks for sharing Lynn, I am very familiar with the technology aspect of genealogy, and am what all of geekdom calls a "technophile", which is to say that I am very technologically literate.

I would like to add some information to the above post, if you would not mind?

With regards to technology and genealogy, you really need to make sure to have a few things with you at all times, for when you are on the go, and chief amoungst them is a portable flash drive (16 gigabyte or larger).

This will allow you to download forms and photos and web pages and apps and so much more to it while on the go, doing research at Family History Libraries, etc.

Other things to include on that flash drive would be portable Google Chrome or portable Fire Fox, so that you can sync bookmarks/favorites for on the go. They can be downloaded directly from the following links:

Portable Chrome (which is what I use):

Portable Fire Fox:

For image and picture viewing, there is no better program than IR Fan View, and there is a portable version of that as well, which can be downloaded from

I also use a portable/flash based version of WinRAR (for ZIP and RAR and ACE files, amoungst others), but I do not remember where I got that one from...I know it wasn't free, but all the rest of the above mentioned apps are, and you do not need to install anything extra, or even have the Portable Apps operating system or Windows installed to run these off a flash drive.

For a full list, use the following link:

I also love the old Broderbund Family Tree Maker Software (versions 5 through 9), because once those were installed, you could copy the folder that it was installed to (which was generally only 20 to 60 megabytes) onto your flash drive and run it from there when you are on the go, or doing mobile computing/research.

Just my two cents on the whole tech and genealogy concept....


Linda Gartz said...

Great info from Lynn and others. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Some great ideas , I plan to check back here often ! Thank you