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Monday Morning Mentions

Monday Morning Mentions is an opportunity to reflect on the events of the week at the Armchair Genealogist and in the blogging and book community. Over my morning cappuccino, I will take the opportunity to share with you some of my favourite blogs posts this week and give a nod to my peers.

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At the Armchair Genealogist this week, posts included the following:

Eliminating the Costs of Your Next Genealogy Conference

The Moment I Knew - Linda's Story 

This week's mentions include:
 Internet Genealogy – a great genealogy or internet tip that will benefit any armchair genealogist.

Last Friday, Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings wrote an informative article Citing an Unsuccessful Search. He had a great idea, you'll need to read the article to learn more. But I wanted to know how a non-blogger could do the same. So I asked. Of course, I got my answer. Read this week's responses in Follow Up Friday: Helpful Reader's Comments.

Writing Family History - great advice or information on writing your family history.

This week’s mention:

Kathy offers us a wonderful approach in writing her family history and story on her blog Kathy's Search. Read the Cinderella Centurian, this is a wonderful example of writing, as well is a great example for those of you doing the family history blog to book project.

Writing conflict in your family history is always a challenge. Mary Carroll Moore from the blog How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book shares some insight into the challenges of conflict. When Nothing is Happening...Why We Shy Away from Writing Good Conflict and What We Can Do About It offers some great advice that can be applied to writing your family stories.

This week's mention:

New Genealogy Blog – we will tip our hat to a newcomer who impresses us right out of the box

I read a lovely blog today that gave me hope that there are plenty of young'uns out their who will carry on the genealogy torch. Finding Family , One Girl's Obsession With Family History is showing plenty of potential.  Meet Jess, who is a lovely young girl (that's her word not mine) from  Perth, Australia. Well written and well cited a great family history blog. 

Social Media for the Genealogist - this will include social media advice and learning opportunities from experts both inside and outside of the genealogy industry.

This week's mentions: 

4 Ways to Turn into Your Social Media Powerhouse written from Michael Hyatt's blog by guest writer Leo Widrich. I was surprised to find out I am happily using 3 of the 4 suggestions to maximize my twitter experience. Check it out. 

Books that Move and Matter - each week we will feature an ebook or print book with the family historian in mind. It may come as a great source of information, for research or writing or playing to our historical interests, or may just be a great read I think genealogists will love.

  This book comes as a recomendation from Marian Pierre Louis at Roots and Rambles and her post An Incredible Piece of Evidence Analysis. She stumbled on a new-old book that has enlightened the way she looks at her research, A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812. She shared it and now on it's on my summer reading list. Perhaps you want it on your list this summer. 

You can find more new genealogy bloggers at Thomas' list of New Genealogy Blogs at Geneabloggers.

For other great reads, Randy at Genea-Musings offers the Best of the Genea-Blogs

Read Friday Finds by Julie Cahill at GenBlog 

Dan Curtis, Professional Personal Historian always puts together some interesting selections in Monday's Link Round-Up.
British and Irish Genealogy blog offers lots of goodies, This week brings  News from Everywhere

Have a great genealogy week, keep researching and writing!