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Tuesday’s Tip – Family History Writing Contests

I think that one of the best ways to ensure a project gets completed is to have a deadline. We all know how much we can procrastinate at writing our family history, however a deadline can be a powerful motivator in getting a project done. That's why you should consider a writing contest as a great way to accelerate your family history writing project. A family history writing contest provides a deadline, an opportunity to do your best writing and perhaps win a prize in the form of cash, a trip, some free software. It also provides some recognition for your hard work and maybe even a publishing contract.

I’ve put together a page of links to some of the top writing contests for the family historian. Family History Writing Contest.

I will update this page regularly with all the newest and latest writing contests that I feel would help family historians. If you or your society offers a writing contest, drop me a line I’ll include it in the line-up.

Here you’ll find links to some great contests that you can join. Because I believe we need to spread our family history wings, and bring family history outside of it’s cocoon and into mainstream writing and publishing, I’m including some opportunities that exist outside of the genealogical world.

Give a family history writing contest a serious thought as a motivator to writing your family story. Family History Writing Contest.