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Tuesday’s Tip – Class is In!

Three great classroom experiences are available this week to genealogists willing to do some learning. Take advantage of all three, all are free, and don't forget an apple for the teacher.

Want to learn more about adding the Flip-Pal Affiliate Program to your family history blog. The Flip-Pal Affiliate Program is a great way to make a few dollars and support an incredible product. As an enthusiastic supporter of the Flip-Pal and an affiliate I can tell you that once you use the Flip-Pal you’ll want to sell it to your friends, family and readers. So why not make a little commission while your at it. Come by the webinar tonight and learn more. 

Pathways to Profits - Flip-Pal Affiliate Program Webinar
Tue, April 24, 9 pm Eastern
Presenters: Robin Evans Business Development Manager  for Flip-Pal® mobile scanner
                 Thomas MacEntee Ambassador for Flip-Pal® mobile scanner

Next on the list of online learning opportunities this week, Megan Somlenyak is offering us a lesson in Reverse Genealogy. I am pumped for this one. This free webinar is brought to you by Legacy Family Tree. 

Reverse Genealogy: Finding the Living
Megan Smolenyak
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 at 2pm EST
Legacy Family Tree

Judy Russell has become my in-house Legal Genealogist, don’t miss her webinar on Copyright Law for Genealogists. The best part about lawyer Judy, she’s free. How often do you get free legal advice, don’t miss out on this one.

Facts, Photos, and Fair Use: Copyright Law for Genealogists
Judy G. Russell, GC
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 at 9pm EST
Association of Professional Genealogists

Hope you will take advantage of three great learning opportunities this week in the genealogy community.