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The Armchair Genealogist Manifesto

Three years ago today I became the Armchair Genealogist.  I started this blog because I believed I had something to say. It took me awhile to find my voice and to believe I was expert enough to share my opinion. I always knew I felt passionately about family history and storytelling but I had to gain my confidence and improve my skill set before I could fine the right words, the right way to express it to the world.

Today, I believe my message comes through over and over again in this blog. In honour of this 3rd Anniversary, I decided to write a manifesto. This manifesto is a summary of my beliefs and the beliefs that will continue to guide me as we continue our journey.

The Armchair Genealogist Manifesto

Every person, no matter your skill level, your education, your age or background can and should discover their family history

You are expert enough to research your ancestors

You are expert enough to write your family story.

PASSION. If you have a passion to learn, to grow and a passion to share your stories with the world you are expert enough to research and write your family history.


Family history is a celebration of our shared achievement and growth as a family. The world needs more family history.

Learn, research, write and FILL THE WORLD WITH YOUR STORIES, celebrate family history.

MOVE THE WORLD, write a family history that matters.

Thank you to all who have allowed me to share with you my passion for family history. Thank you for being loyal readers and I look forward to helping you share your family history story with the world.

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Thank you to Holstee and Expert Enough for the inspiration.