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Tuesday’s Tip – Rootstech Learning Continues

If you were among the 4200 attendees at the Rootstech conference this past week in Salt Lake City Utah then you are well aware of just how busy these 3 days were for all involved. Many times I found myself in the dilemma of wondering which lecture to take in and just how to absorb all this information. There were so many wonderful opportunities to learn and many of them occurred at conflicting times.

Regardless of whether you attend Rootstech, the learning continues, and there are 3 ways you can continue to absorb all the information that Rootstech had to offer.

1. The Live- Streaming Sessions - My first strategy at the conference was to attend the sessions that weren’t recorded and skip the ones that were,  I knew I could watch them when I got home. Aside from the keynote addresses, which I attended in person, I chose to skip all other live-streaming classes. Now, I can head over to and watch these recorded lectures. There are some 22 hours of sessions and it’s going to take me a few weeks to get through these recordings. If you were unable to watch the live-streaming lectures due to other obligations then you can join me by watching the recordings and continue to absorb the Rootstech experience.

2. Download the Syllabus - there were still many lectures I couldn’t attend due to conflicts and they weren’t recorded. However, there is still an opportunity to learn whether you attended Rootstech or not, by downloading all the syllabi from Rootstech you have access to all this information. Many provided a syllabus and inside them you will find plenty of information and tips that will prove useful. Some of the lectures I attended did not have a syllabus ready prior to the conferences but the presenters often told us they will be posting them later this week and where to find them. I will be sure to share this information with you as they go up, so you can take advantage of the information they presented as well. 

3. Read the Blogs - with over 100 bloggers in attendance there are plenty of writers ready to report what they learned over the past week. As someone who attended it was slightly overwhelming to attend the sessions, meet with exhibitors, visit with other attendees and write a blog post that resembled something coherent. Many did and many others will be blogging about what they learned over the next several days and weeks to come as they decipher through their notes, be sure to follow along. Randy Seaver has already done a wonderful round-up of those who posted throughout the conference, you can find his list at Genea-Musings. I’m certain there will be many more round-ups to follow.

No matter if you attended in person or attended from home, or missed it all together, the learning continues from Rootstech 2012.