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Learning from the Social Media Experts

For the past two weeks we’ve discussed Social Media (the big picture) and how it applies to marketing  your genealogy business. We also talked about my five fab social media networks that I feel you must be involved in to market your business.

This week I want to share some link love with you. These are some of the numerous organizations and people I follow to stay up on social media and marketing.

First up is Hub Spot, they are my favourite. Hub Spot is an internet marketing company. However, most us little guys can't afford to hire them, but don't be discouraged because they have a ton of free marketing resources. Their free webinars particularly are wonderful learning tools. Here’s a combination of free webinars, ebooks and blog posts from their website.

6 Compelling Reasons You Should Use Pinterest for Marketing
How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps
How to Use Pinterest for Business – Free Ebook
20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages
Become a Facebook Marketing Master in 10 Days – Free Ebook
The Science of Social Media – free webinar

Next is Mashable, here’s couple of posts and an ebook to get you started.

Timeline for Brands: How to Prepare Your Company’s New Facebook Page
How to Turn Social Feedback into Valuable Business Data
The Twitter Guide Book
Need More YouTube Views? Try Pinterest

Problogger by Darren Rowse, is a must for bloggers to follow. Always relevant, you must follow Darren if you are a blogger (in my opinion). I’ve recently purchased his newest book Blog Wise.

Some of you have already commented about finding the time to manage your online life with your offline life. Blog Wise, is the culmination of interviews with nine successful bloggers and their tips and tricks to managing their blogging time.

A couple of other social media books I own include

The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarella

Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas by Dan Zarella

You can tell I’m a big fan of Dan. Check out his books.

Within the genealogy community, there are couple of go-to gurus who are dedicated to teaching us about the function of social media within our industry and how we can apply it.

They include High-Definition Genealogy  founder Thomas MacEntee. Thomas offers a number of webinars, lectures and materials on combining social media and genealogy. His book Getting Started with Facebook is available for free on

An easy-to-use and simple guide for genealogists and family historians who want to set up a Facebook account and get started using this popular social media site. Learn how to protect your privacy and adjust your Facebook settings while sharing your research with family members or connecting with other genealogists.

Caroline Pointer along with her new blog, and her newsletter The Geni-Tech from her blog For Your Family Story is taking genealogy and technology to new heights.

Caroline is my go to girl for the newest apps. She is way ahead of the curve on this stuff and is a wonderful resource to follow within the genealogy industry.

Really, there is enough information above to make one’s head explode and seriously I only scratched the surface. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Commit to reading one or two new pieces of information a week. This way you will keep yourself moving forward, you will stay up to date with the ever changing social media landscape while still managing your genealogy business.