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The Family History Writing Challenge - A One Week Update

On February 1st, 138 members began The Family History Writing Challenge. We have 58 members in the forum where we are sharing successes and struggles and supporting each other. I'm so proud to see the wonderful support and interaction taking place in the forum and very happy with those who have enthusiastically taken on the challenge of writing their family history.

I asked members to post the number of words they are pledging to write daily.  I am happy to report that as a group we are pledging to write our family history stories during the month of February in the form of over ONE MILLION WORDS. How incredible is that, and how wonderful an accomplishment if we actually meet our pledge.

Our first guest post went out last week to the members, it was shared by Julie Cahill from Genblog, you can read 6 Tips For the Time-Starved Family History Writer here.

Since starting the challenge we have discussed the fear of writing, the scope of our stories, outlines, plots, the various genres and establishing a setting, you can read posts relating to all of these topics at The Family History Writing Challenge Website. There is so much more to cover. Looking forward to our second week.