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Tuesday’s Tip – Geneablogger’s Radio

What is Geneablogger’s Radio and how can it help my family history research?

If you haven’t heard about Geneablogger’s Radio then you are missing out on one of the greatest learning tools on the internet.  Once a week, genealogists gather together to listen to a genealogy radio show and exchange information and ideas over on Blog Talk Radio.

GeneaBloggers Radio is hosted by Thomas MacEntee. Thomas is a professional genealogist who has galvanized the genealogy blogging community under the umbrella known as GeneaBloggers. 

Every Friday night, at 8 pm central or 9 pm eastern, Thomas (and lately a rotating co-host) talk shop, with a montage of guests who have first-rate knowledge and experience, and another 100 genealogists or more who gather in the chat room.  This is undoubtedly an opportunity for learning.  Thomas always plans a very informative show with lots of great guests. This past week was no exception. It was actually last week’s show that provoked me to writing this post. There were so many great tips and resources it became quite clear that this radio show is clearly becoming a wonderful resource and learning tool.

What can I learn?

Personally, I discover new resources, I learn about genealogy organizations and upcoming events. I meet up with numerous genealogists and exchange some banter with some old friends. They all bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Some of the topics discussed in past Geneablogger's Radio episodes include:

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How do you listen to Geneablogger's Radio?

Head over to Geneablogger’s Radio at Blog Talk Radio and set up an account and sign in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It’s that simple. Thomas will send you a reminder on Friday evening and with a couple of clicks your ready for some great discussions.

Do I need to be a blogger?

Of course not, although there are many bloggers present, this group is a very welcoming bunch and no credentials are required. You do not need to be a blogger, nor a certified genealogist. You just need to have a healthy interest in genealogy research and a desire to learn from your peers.

What if I am busy at that time?

This happens to me often, but that’s ok, you can listen in later, the show is recorded. However, you will not be able to see what transpired in the chat room.

Why should I join the chat room?

Don’t let the chat room intimidate you. Many genealogists sign in and have plenty to say. If your a little skittish about this you can sign in anonymously, even if it’s for the first time to see if this is for you. After that by all means introduce yourself, or you can sit silently on the sidelines and listen in. There is no pressure, whatever suits your needs.

Geneablogger’s Radio is a great resource and learning tool as any blog, website or genealogy magazine. Consider tuning in on Friday evenings for some learning and fun.