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Family History Writing Challenge- Last Call

We are just about ready to start The Family History Writing Challenge, with only a couple of days left, there is still time to join.

If you are not aware of the challenge then jump over to The Family History Writing Challenge website, you can find everything you need to get started. The sign up form, posts to help start planning and organizing your writing, directions to the forum where we will chat about our struggles and triumphs along the way.

I’m proud to announce that there are over 105 members participating in the challenge this year, about a quarter of them registered thus far in the forum, I hope more will join us in the next couple of days as we move forward.

I really have three objectives for the challenge.

1. For each of the members to find success by meeting their word counts each day and feeling they have made a substantial efforts to writing their family history stories.

2. For each of the members to find support, encouragement and tangible tools through the website and the forum. 

3. To have fun

Hope you will join us.