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Monday Morning Mentions

Monday Morning Mentions is an opportunity to reflect on the events of the week at the Armchair Genealogist and in the blogging and  book community. Over my morning cappuccino, I will take the opportunity to share with you some of my favourite blogs posts this week and give a nod to my peers.Photoxpress_23848093

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At the Armchair Genealogist this week, posts included the following:

Monday Morning Mentions
The Family History Blog to Book Project
Talking Genealogy Gifts with Thomas MacEntee
Family Recipe Friday - Online Cookie Exchange Continues

Each week I’m choosing blogs that deserve a shout out, they will be in the form of 4 categories, Internet Genealogy, Family History Writing, a New Genealogy Blog and Books that help all genealogists.  I will also highlight a book either print or ebook that I feel lends itself well to researching and writing family history. OK some weeks I choose more than 4 just because it to hard to pick just one, and it's my blog so I can change the rules.

Internet Genealogy – a great genealogy or internet tip that will benefit any armchair genealogist.
This week’s mention: 

Genealogy, technology and books became a hot topic this weekend. It all started when Leland Meitzler caught our attention with his post. Book Vendors Banned from RootsTech Exhibit Hall.  Since then, there has been a lot of talk but I think Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers and Amy Coffin of We Tree Genealogy  have summed it up nicely and very professional and respectfully.  Read Thomas's post My Genealogy is Rooted in Books and Amy's post RootsTech by the Book. I also would like to add Cheri from Journeys Past has also added some valuable food for thought in her post Perspectives: RootsTech 2012.

Writing Family History - great advice or information on writing your family history.
This week’s mention: 

Free Articles and Ebooks You Don't Want to Miss, by Jeff Goins offers up some great links with the writer in mind. Then jump on over Every Writer's Dream: How to Never Pitch Your Writing Again, where writer Jeff Goins offers up a free ebook download. He has a quick little survey to fill out and then the ebook is yours for the taking. I love free stuff, especially when it comes from such a valued resource as Jeff Goins. This free ebook is all about establishing a platform, a brand and making connections, all without feeling sleazy. 

New Genealogy Blog – we will tip our hat to a newcomer who impresses us right out of the box
This week’s mention:  

Kelly is the family tree helper and she offering her voice and services in her new blog of the same name Family Tree Helper. Her blog is clean and easy to read. She can help you with any research in the United States Midwest. Please stop by and welcome her to the genealogy online community.

Books that Move and Matter - each week we will feature an ebook or print book with the family historian in mind. It may come as a great source of information, for research or writing or playing to our historical interests, or may just be a great read I think genealogists will love. 

The Flinch by Julien Smith is being offered this week for free on Amazon by publisher Seth Godin at The Domino Project.

The idea behind this book is that the flinch mechanism is why we don't do the work that matters, and why we don't make the hard decisions. It shortcircuits the conscious mind and allows you to pull back and avoid danger faster than you can even imagine it's there. But what if danger is exactly what you need? What if facing the flinch is the one best ways to get what you want?

What's making you flinch? Learn how to move past your flinch response. Download this free ebook. Click here.

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Have a great genealogy week, keep researching and writing!