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Kindle Books – A Brilliant Last Minute Gift Idea!

Just when you thought it was too late to order a Christmas gift online in time for the big day, Amazon answers your shopping dilemma  with the “Give as a Gift” button.

Now, you can send a gift to anyone with an email address regardless of whether they own a Kindle or not.

Time is definitely of the essence this week, so consider delivering a digital book as a gift. It can be done in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to fight the holiday traffic, no shipping costs, no delays, no stress!

Why You Don’t Need a Kindle

You don’t need a Kindle to own a Kindle book. While the Kindle e-book is proprietary, Amazon does offer cross-platform tools for reading Kindle books. There are free apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry , Windows and Mac. Virtually anyone receiving a Kindle book should be able to read it.

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Consider your kid’s teachers, your kids, your neighbour, a fellow employee, that certain person in your life you need a buy a little something for but not sure just what. Tired of handing out the predictable box of chocolates, or a customary bottle of wine?  For the price of either, and in some cases less then a cheap bottle of wine, you can send an ebook.  You can also ask for it to arrive in their inbox on a particular day.

What if They Don’t Like It?

I hear you, what if the recipient already has the book you sent as a gift? Or perhaps your choice just doesn’t suit their taste? No worries! Kindle books given as gifts can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards of equivalent value. If the gift isn’t to their liking, they can exchange it for virtually anything in the world on the Amazon store.

How Does it Work? 

Click here  and enter our Amazon store, shop for a book you wish to gift, once you have found that book, click on "Give as a Gift" button. This will bring you to a new window, where you can enter the email address of the person you wish to send the book to, or you can email the book to yourself and then forward it on to the recipient. There is also a place to include a personal message, and choose the date you wish it to arrive. Doesn't get anymore stress free then that.

So we know genealogists love to get books, but how about giving a book! Consider our Amazon store when purchasing an ebook for family and friends on your Christmas list and spend these next few days stress free.