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Jump Start Your Family History Writing

Are you struggling to get those stories down into a family history book? Don't know where to start? Need some help?

Family Tree Magazine has just the thing to get your family stories published - A Complete Publishing Package!

Write a 500 word submission about your family history. What makes it unique, interesting? What is their story? Submit it by September 30th and one winner will be chosen from 200 entries.

The Grand prize winner will receive a complete publishing package from Abbott Press.

The first runner-up will win a Family Tree University independent study course called Write Your Family Memoir (on CD)

Second runner-up with get a copy of My Life & Times: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories by Sunny Jane Morton.

You can read all the terms and conditions of the contest here.

To enter, simply email your submission to . To view full contest rules, visit our website.