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Writing and Selling Your Memoir

I recently came across this lovely little gem and considering that few things in life are rarely free (see yesterday’s post). I felt the need to share this right away before it disappeared.

This is for my writing friends, those of you looking to turn your family history stories into a book. Writing and Selling Your Memoir by Paula Balzer is a wealth of information, published by FW Media, this is a great read for anyone looking to write a memoir and or a family history story. 

Paula identifies how to structure your story, how to use dialogue and pacing. She addresses the always-sticky situation of truthfulness in a memoir. She also goes on to address creating a platform, finding an agent and many other must knows to writing a memoir.

Paula is a literary agent in New York City, a self-proclaimed lover of  memoirs; she brings her passion and talent to this knowledge packed book. 

In the first 55 pages, be are swept up in her contagious passion, but she doesn't take long in getting you busy. Very quickly, Paula explains in clear uncertain terms the hook, and how to find yours. 

If you like the first 55 pages that you can download below then be sure to pick up the full-length book, Writing and Selling Your Memoir: How to Craft Your Life Story So Somebody Will Actually Want to Read It.

This ebook has been reprinted here under the following Creative Commons Attribution License
Writing & Selling your Memoir