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New Genealogy Bloggers....Who Are You?

Each week I check out the list of new genealogy bloggers created by Thomas at Geneabloggers. I love this list, first because it keeps me abreast of new genealogy blogs, and secondly it helps new bloggers get started and get some much needed attention. I was there once, and giving back by visiting these new blogs is the least I can do.

Each week in my own post Monday Morning Mentions, I generally choose one of those blogs to spotlight besides other blogs that provided some epic posts that week.

 My choice is usually personal; they speak to me on some certain level. Generally, the one I pick seems to have the right combination of a great blog title, interesting blog concept, nice blog design and more importantly great writing.  However, with that being said, 90% of these blogs are not doing something..... they do not tell me who they are, more specifically their name.

A name would be nice, even if only a first name. Nine out of ten new blogs I visit forget to include their name somewhere on their blog. Please, don’t make me look for it. I know if you are a new blogger (remember I’ve been there) that putting your name out into blogosphere can be a little intimidating. Please don’t let it stop you.  If you really want to make some quick inroads into this community, then don’t be afraid to share your full name (we don’t bite, well most of us...most of the time).

Secondly, a picture always goes a long way to making your website personal. I know another scary prospect. No, you can’t wake till you lose that last 10 lbs. Grab a camera, get a friend or family member to take a picture and get it up there. It nice to put a face to the name and the writing.

When I spotlight a blog, and no name is given, I usually like to know whether I should at least reference them as a ‘him’ or ‘her’, sometimes even that is difficult. Sometimes I have to pick it up in their about page, if they reference a husband or wife, then I can generally make an assumption. Really, should I have to be putting my genealogy detective skills to work on your blogs just to find out whether you are male or female? Should I have to work this hard to find out who you are? Most won't. 

I have chosen your blog because you’ve got it going on right out of the gate, yet your still missing one key element, a great ‘about page.’

Many of you have an about page, which is an important start, now make sure your utilizing it to its full potential.  If you’re not sure what to include on your about page here are some suggestions.

Who are you?
What do you do?
When did you start doing what you’re doing?
Where are you?
How are you accomplishing what you claim to do?

Your about page should be a couple of paragraphs, and should address your audience.

 Who is your audience? An about page targets your first time visitors who want to know who and what your website is about, regular visitors who want to know more about you and visitors who may be interested in doing business with you. These are the people who will read your ‘about page’, give them what they are looking for.

 Here's a few examples of 'about pages'  from some genealogy bloggers. 

(Julie is a new genealogy blogger, Marian and Kerry have been kicking around for awhile.) 

New genealogy bloggers, spend a few minutes on your ‘about page’, let us know who you are, so we can welcome you to the fold with open arms.