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Monday Morning Mentions

Monday Morning Mentions is an opportunity to reflect on what has been happening at the Armchair Genealogist this past week over my morning cappuccino and give a nod to some of my peers who captured my attention in the blogging community.

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At the Armchair Genealogist this week, posts included the following: 

Recent  Posts include: 

Each week I’m choosing four blogs that deserve a shout out, they will be in the form of 4 categories, Internet Genealogy, Family History Writing, a New Blog and a blog that posted a great old-fashioned family recipe. OK some weeks I choose more than 4 just because it to hard to pick just one, and it's my blog so I can change the rules. 

Internet Genealogy – a great genealogy or internet tip that will benefit any armchair genealogist
This week’s mention:

This week I want to bring your attention to GenWriter by Julie Cahill Tarr. Julie is a genealogist who specializes in writing, editing and graphic design. Her new blog caught my attention this week with  Find Your Research Mojo  stop by an find your motivation. 

Marian is getting ready for a research trip and has shared some great advice for getting your genealogy ready for the trip in Planning a Research Trip at Marian's Roots and Rambles. 

Writing Your Family History – great advice or information on writing your family history
This week’s mention:

Resources for Young Writers by the Creative Penn is my pick for writing advice this week. This post is direct towards teenagers who are interested in writing, however, I wasn't surprised to learn that the advice in this post transcends all ages. Check it out. 

New Genealogy Blog – we will tip our hat to a newcomer who impresses us right out of the box
This week’s mention:  

This week's pick for new blog goes to Google+ for Genealogists by Dan Lynch. Dan Lynch is probably most famous for his book Google Your Family Tree, one the many genealogy books on my bookshelf.  Now Dan brings his expertise to Google+ learning.  Check it out, you can catch up on the posts and learn a little about Google+ each week without being overwhelmed. I learned about Sparks this week. 

Family Recipe - a blog that makes us want to eat, and offers up a great old-fashioned family recipe to share on Family Recipe Friday.
This week's mention: 

Tis the season for fresh corn so how could I resist Mountain Genealogists recipe for Fireplace Roasted Corn.

You can find more newcomers at Thomas' list of New Genealogy Blogs at Geneabloggers.  

For other great reads, Randy at Genea-Musings offers the Best of the Genea-Blogs. 

 Greta does a great job at Greta’s Genealogy Bog, she offers the Follow Friday Newsletter each week, click here for this week’s edition

Stop by the Week in Review by John at Transylvanian Dutch for another great round-up. 

Have a great genealogy week, keep researching and writing!