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Navigating the Beginner's Guides to Genealogy Research

I wanted to write a blog post about how to begin your genealogy research. Therefore, I did some of my own research, I googled "beginner's guides to genealogy research" and I received .....864,000 results. 

I can only imagine how a newbie family historian might feel a little overwhelmed at even knowing what beginner's guides they should consider reading before diving into their research. 

For those just starting out in researching their genealogy it pays to do a little investigation before you begin.You need to get yourself organized and understand what is available to you and put a plan into place. Inorder to have a plan, you have to have some working knowledge of what genealogy involves. Therefore, you want to get educated about how and where you should start. In addition, learn some of the tips and tricks from others who have gone before you.

After realizing there were already many options already available on the internet for the beginner, I began to think that maybe I should help a newcomer sort out some of the better articles (in my opinion). 

There are numerous articles, blogs and online learning tutorials available to anyone just beginning their genealogy research. How did I determine which ones to list. Well, some where articles I remember from my own newbie days years ago and they have stood the test of time. Some are newer; but caught my attention by the depth of their information and whether they were straight forward and easy to understand.  

So rather then reiterate what others have already so eloquently written, I instead would like to provide you with my list of links, which in my opinion offer some of the best beginner’s advice on the internet today for the greenest family historian. This is only the tip of the realms beginner genealogy advice out on internet, but I think it will get you where you need to be. 

Where to Start When You Don't Know Where to Start from Gentutorials presented by Genwriters is a 10 step tutorial program. 

How to Begin Tracing Your Family Tree by Kimberly Powell at Genealogy with lots of links to plenty of information. 

Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy Research on the Internet at

A Guide to Research  at  

Genealogy 101 – at Rootsweb, while this article is 17 years old, it still has some good basics outlined for the newest of genealogists. 

Researching Your Family Tree  at is a self-paced tutorial for the beginner

An Introduction to Family Research - a self-paced tutorial from the Brigham Young University Independent Study program.

Genealogy from is a comprehensive article about what genealogy involves. 

These are all free articles, you are not required to subscribe or pay a membership to view them, and they are all very sound advice. Some are quick overviews while many of the tutorials are great opportunities for more extensive learning.