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Family Recipe Friday - Publish Your Family Recipe with Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine is inviting all family historians with a story and recipe to share to submit and essay for possible publication in a new Family Tree Book. This is a great opportunity for those of you who participate in Family Recipe Friday to get published. 

You can find all details below in the following press release. 

Share Recipes and Traditions for a New Family Tree Book

Food is a key ingredient in every family’s history: Dad’s Saturday morning pancakes, the marzipan Granny served every Christmas, the spaghetti sauce recipe passed down from your Sicilian great-great-grandmother. Family Tree Books wants to know about your family’s food traditions—we’re collecting short essays for a book to be published in spring 2012. We’ll select 8 submissions to feature in the book based on these criteria:

- Submissions should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

- Essays should tell the story of a real tradition, specifically:
  - What is the tradition?
  - Who started it and when?

- What cultural or regional background does the dish or tradition represent? (for example, is it a US regional specialty or a product of your ancestry in Germany, Sweden, Mexico, etc.?)

- What does the tradition mean to you and your family?

- Submissions should include a recipe described in the story and a family photo—of the original chef, people described in the story or yourself. (Pictures of the dish itself may be submitted but likely will not be published.)

To enter: E-mail your essay to  with the subject line: Family Food Traditions no later than July 13, 2011. To be considered, submissions must adhere to the following specifications:

- Essays in Microsoft Word (.doc or .rft) or plain-text format. Do not paste your essay into the body of an email.

- Photos in JPG or TIFF format, 300 dpi or higher resolution.

- Name, mailing address, phone number and email address given in email message and within the essay.

By submitting, you acknowledge that your entry is your original, previously unpublished work, and you give F+W Media, Inc., permission to use your submission in all print and electronic media. Submitters of chosen essays will be notified via email by September 13, 2011, and receive a copy of the book after publication in May 2012.

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