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Tuesday's Tip- Tame Your Magazine Mountain!

Some days I feel like I need a 12-step program to break my magazine habit. I’m trying, cutting back, trying to go digital where I can, but it’s hard. I love those shiny magazines.  However, the real problem lies in stacks, boxes, baskets and shelves of magazines that I spent hard-earned money and I refuse to kick them to the curb.  What do you do with all those magazines?  

Here are a few tips to tame your mountain of magazines.

Create a resource binder, I like to keep the best articles pertaining to my own research for future reference. I keep these articles in a binder; tab them by topic such as Irish research etc. for easy reference. Then toss I 
toss rest of the magazine in the recycle bin.

Pass them along to friends and family. This is the simplest way of putting magazines back into circulation. Plan a monthly magazine swap with friends. It’s a great way to save money on your magazine habit and a fun 
excuse for a get-together.

Along the same theme, host a monthly readers' exchange. Invite some people over for coffee, everyone brings their used books and magazines, and goes home with something new.How about holding a swap meet at your next genealogical meeting?

Give your stack of magazines to a local elementary school, nursing home or women’s shelter. Just make sure to call before you arrive to make sure they can use your donation. Any place that has a waiting room will usually be grateful to receive fresh reading material — doctors' offices, hospitals and automobile service departments. You just may inspire a complete stranger to take up genealogy.

Use them for arts and crafts. My kids are too old for this now, but I remember the days when my kids would cut up my magazines for school projects, usually before I was finished reading them. Keep a box of past magazines that are free reign for your kids. Kids love to cut out images, glue them on an object such as a pencil box, canvas or trash bin and seal with varnish for a one-of-a-kind decorative piece. My girls used to
decorate their bedroom and closet doors.

Create an “Inspiration Board.” Tear out interesting images, words or articles and create a motivational 
board for your office or work space.

Older or collectable magazines might be attractive to buyers. Try to sell them on e-bay.  Even newer or soon-to-be classics could be worth some money.  I’m not sure too many genealogy magazines fall into this 
category but many others such as Vogue, Time, and Newsweek are known to become collectibles.

Create stylish wrapping paper. Use the pages of your out of date genealogy magazines as stylish and eco-friendly wrapping paper. Have you checked out the price of wrapping paper these days? Save a tree and 
some money!

Move a lot shred the pages to use as protective filler for packages or moving boxes.

 Make your own, customized mailing envelopes. Use a utility knife to cut out a page, fold in half horizontally (leave a flap at the top) and glue the edges shut. Place a letter inside then fold the top flap over 
and seal. (Ok, this will never happen in my house but someone out there just may be inspired.)

Family Tree MagazineHope I helped in reducing your mountain of genealogy magazines. Perhaps if your inspired to add to your mountain, here's few of my genealogy favourites. 
Family Chronicle  


Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Some great tips...I have the same habit and must break it! But there is something wonderful about holding a nice, slick magazine in your hand. I suppose a part of me will just never surrender to the digital world.

McManigle Family said...

I am certainly in the same boat! ~smiles~ Very good suggestions and I will need to implement a couple of them anyway. Thank you for the great ideas.

Frances Elizabeth Schwab said...

I just retired from a career in magazine printing. Although I like some digital magazines, I hope not everyone cures their addiction to print magazines. Ink on paper rocks!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

I am also guilty of hoarding piles of genealogy magazines. Maybe someday in my free time I will go through them again and spot the hidden ancestor I have been seeking for ages. ha!

Glad to hear you have so many 'green' suggestions to reuse or recycle magazines. I am always open to environmentally friendly ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Palermo said...

I knew I wasn't alone in my addiction. @Frances,I have tried a few digital magazines but still like those shiny pages. However, I love my e-book reader. Funny how that works!

Linda Gartz said...

I've cut way back on magazine subscriptions, and am still behind. I've done the same, Lynn--cutting out articles I like and filing in a binder--especially for research and travel. For the most part I don't like doing extensive reading digitally. I'm at my computer all day writing and responding to email and blogs. It's too much like work to read on-line -- unless it IS for work. Plus I like to underline -- so I can find quickly what was most important. I keep magazines I want to refer to (say to see what the style is for future queries), but do a purge now and then and recycle. Thanks for bringing this topic to the fore -- a struggle for us all!

Melanie said...

I think some libraries accept donations for their genealogy collections.