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Top Ten Twitter #Hashtags for Genealogists

There is little doubt that Twitter has become one of the most influential platforms for getting your message out to the masses.

Hashtags can be a very confusing proposition to new tweeters, that’s ok, I was there not long ago. I’m not professing to be an expert by any means but I think I am ahead of the learning curve for now. 

What is a hasttag?
The # symbol is called a 'mark' and in conjunction with  keywords or topics in a Tweet it creates a hashtag. 

Why should you include a hashtag?

It’s a way to categorize messages and enables those with similar interests to find each other.

Why should you include a hashtag with your tweets?

 So we can find you. They are the single best way to get your tweets seen by those who don’t 
already follow you.

 If you’re  a little overwhelmed than just use #genealogy, it a great catch-all tag for genealogists. and a great place to start. It’s my go to tag.

The Top Ten #Hashtags for Genealogists

(These are in no particular order, as Twitter has no method of accounting for which of these particular hashtags are the most popular.)

#family history
#WDYTYA  (Who Do You Think You Are?)

You can also combine hashtags for instance if you want to share a genealogy blog you like try combining #followfriday and #genealogy. Best Practices recommends you don't use more than 3 hashtags per tweet. 

Or if writing your family history and want to share a tip or story try using  #writing and #family history.

If you’re looking for other hashtags you can search for them a Twitter Search.

Have a favourite #hashtag you follow that is popular amongst the genealogy crowd, drop me a line I’ll add it to my list.

I’m also tweeting Family Recipe Friday at #familyrecipes,  and for those of you writing your family history, or a novel based on your family history we can share tweets at  #familywriter


Tina said...

After seeing DearMYRTLE's webinar on Twitter, I am glad to see this article. Although I have had a Twitter account, I have not really learned much about it as I have Facebook more. So, this will help me in learning the # marks.

Thanks, Tina

Drew Smith said...

Lynn, you wrote "The # symbol is called a hashtag". Just a small correction. The "#" symbol by itself is called a "hash" mark. When you combine it with a word or abbreviation, then you have a hashtag.

Lynn Palermo said...

@Tina, Good Luck twittering
@Drew, thanks for pointing that out, I've made the correction.

GenieBeth said...

One I use often is #cemetery. Good suggestions. Thanks!

Linda Gartz said...

I send a tweet every time I create a new post, usually using #genealogy #familyhistory #memoir
Most #memoir I follow don't use the "S" but that's probably a toss-up. Good tweeting advice in combining hash tags. I just don't know how much following I'm getting from Twitter, but feel I have to do it in today's world.

Lynn Palermo said...

Hi Linda, I have noticed that there is a hashtag "memoir" and "memoirs". I currently follow the one with the "s" but I'll have to check out the other one and see which I prefer.
@genibeth, adding #cemetery to my list, thanks for the suggestion.