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Family History Writing Challenge - We Did It!

Today marks our 28th and last day in the Family History Writing Challenge. First, I want to thank everyone who took this journey with me. I am interested in hearing how everyone did.

For me personally, I was consistent throughout these 28 days, that is until this last week. The stomach flu took me down for about 3 days and I lost some writing time. With that being said, I managed to complete just over 5800 words and I will add a few more to that today.

Although by no means did this complete my family history writing.  I still have a long way to go but it gave me a big push in the right direction as I hope it did for you. From here on out, I plan to dedicate some time each week to the writing of my family history.

There are a few things I hoped you accomplished and learned from your journey in this last month.

  •  I hope you got your story organized and outlined into a story plan.
  • I hope you were able to source out some gaps in your research and put a plan in place to finish that      research.
  • I hope you learned some creative writing skills, such as establishing a setting and demonstrating your ancestor’s character.
  •  However, most importantly I hope you proved to yourself you have it in you to write your family history and that it comes down to making a commitment to the process.

Again thanks for taking this journey, let me know how you faired?  What did you learn about your writing? Would you participate again? How could we improve our 28-Day Writing Challenge for next year? Love to hear your thoughts. 


Geni Grant said...

This is wonderful!

I hope this inspires others to get their family history down in text. The last thing any of us want is to lose any of it.

Linda Gartz said...

I used your challenge to jumpstart myself and review what I have written, hoping to find a new approach. I found all your guidelines, both this month and from 2009 "Writing You Family History" series to be very valuable and say a huge THANK YOU for these superb posts. I couldn't do the challenge as you set it up because I have literally written well over 150,000 words! (Yes-the right # of zeros). I've been writing family vignettes and chapters for many years, but I have not found the "emotional truth" that I want to share in my family story. The "history part" (aside from vignettes) is about 15 chapters, chronologically, and I'm working on the 1950s. I want to change that structure. It's all based on those thousands of pages of letters and diaries I have inherited. Rather than a pure history (which I think is a wonderful goal and one day will put together from what I have written) I'm trying to explore family dynamics - more memoir. I hope to use these next couple months to figure out how to dig deeper, below the surface, to write something with, I hope, universal appeal. I'm on it again thanks to your challenge. Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you've learned.

Kathy Reed said...

I think my month was a complete success. I am sure I wrote more than 5000 words, even though it wasn't daily. I posted 22 times in February. In addition, I visited the Cincinnati Historical Society, the Ohio Historical Society and our local library several times. I organized and wrote about a reunion of several relatives I had never met around a common ancestor (James Nicholaus Ryan). I contracted with a researcher at NARA to investigate one unanswered question. I also had a book printed based on the blog postings for two family lines.

Now -- if someone would only clean my house.


Bill West said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I missed
one day when I was ill, but I often posted well over the 250 word limit
each post. I think I made a good headstart on a family history to print for my family.

Thank you!