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Family Recipe Friday - Food For a Barn Raising

This recipe was re-printed in our family recipe book, it was found by a family member in a quaint old handwitten recipe book. I'm sure somewhere in the world this practice is still carried out in some communities where life is simpler.

Recipe For a Barn Raising
(serves 175 men)

Lemon Pies 115
Fat Cakes 500
Large Cakes 15
Applesauce 3 gallons
Rice Pudding 2 gallons
Chickens 16
Hams 3
Roast Beef 50 lbs
Rolls 300
Loaves of Bread 16
Dried Prunes stewed 6lbs
Stewed raisins 1 crock
White potatoes 5 gallon jar
Sweet Potatoes 5 gallon jar
Red beet pickles
Pickled eggs
Cucumber pickles


Nancy said...

I wonder how many women prepared this food. I wonder if it mattered if it was served hot or not. I wonder about the stewed prunes and raisins. And how about the butter! Can't have rolls and bread without butter (or some other topping). This was very fun to read. Thanks for posting it.

GR8Dame said...

What a great piece of ephemera - What size pot would have needed? Very nice, and thanks for sharing.

hummer said...

I would guess that the men who participated in the barn raising, would come with their families, who would contribute to the food. Some would be able to bring more, some less, but the women would contribute the same as the men. Looking at the list my first thought was "Holy Mackrel!" Those men could eat.